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Rain, Rain…

It seems like I’m never satisfied. Just yesterday, I was wishing it would rain. Now it’s raining and I wish it would stop. Well, that’s not quite all. I was hoping it would rain so I could try out the super cute umbrella I picked up for 50% off at Bath and Body Works yesterday. Now that I’ve had that opportunity, I’m ready for sunshine!

But check out this adorable umbrella. Cheery orange outside, and a happy blue sky with fluffy clouds inside. A perfect pick me up on a dreary rainy day. Especially when it also comes with the knowledge that I got it on the cheap.


Bath and Body Works Umbrella

2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain…

  1. Hello! Are you interested in selling this umbrella? I have been looking for this VERY ONE…for YEARS!! I would sooooo love to buy it, if you would be willing to part with it!?!

  2. Hi Wendy… I wish I could, but unfortunately I lost it about 5 years ago. I’m still sad about it. It was such a great umbrella. It’s not identical, but there are a couple listings on ebay for a black umbrella with a cloud print on the inside. Good luck in your search!

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