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Favorite Fabrics of 2009

True Up, my favorite blog about fabric, has launched a meme inviting readers to share their favorite fabrics of 2009. There was so much good fabric in 2009, I’m glad True Up kept it all nicely archived to make my job easier. So here are 10 of my favorite fabrics (and related things) of 2009:

1. Favorite Organic Print or Collection

My favorite organic collection was definitely My Happy Garden from Cloud 9 Fabrics. I love this fabric collection not only because the prints are beautiful (love those puffy white clouds floating in a blue sky!), but also because of the story behind the fabric. Cloud 9 Fabrics (and the My Happy Garden Collection) are the children of one of my long-time go-to blog reads, Cicada Daydream. It’s exciting to be able to follow along with an blog friend as she begins an exciting new business and launches a lovely new fabric line.

2. Favorite Fabric Shop

My favorite fabric shop of 2009 isn’t even online, which breaks my heart, but is totally in keeping with the vibe of the shop. The shop is Treadle, in Bloomington, Illinois. Walking in to Treadle is like walking into my grandmother’s basement. The entire store is piled with so much wonderful fabric that it’s overwhelming. All the fabric muffles the sound in the store, so it’s easy to feel disconnected from the rest of the store as you wander down the aisles. It’s impossible to see everything in one trip. I’ve found traditional prints, vintage fabrics, and more modern designs all sharing space here. There are vintage trims and notions hidden in the back of the store, complete with vintage price stickers, suggesting they have been hidden in there since before they were vintage. Treadle is like a fabric-lover’s treasure chest! (Edited to add: It’s funny, I just stopped in at Re- and ended up talking with the owner there about how amazing Treadle is. She told me that they claim that if you ask for any specific fabric, they can take you right to it in the store. If that’s true, they are beyond incredible.)

3. Favorite Motif Trend

My favorite thematic trend of 2009 was the natural world. Many of my favorite fabrics focused on garden and avian imagery, including: the Shade Garden and My Happy Garden collections, Alexander Henry’s Fashion for Home, with it’s butterflies, birds, and ferns, Laura Gunn’s Lantern Bloom, and Erin McMorris’ Wildwood. So many beautiful outdoors prints, I bet they would come together beautifully in a quilt.

4. Favorite Overall Designer

My favorite overall designer of 2009 was Heather Bailey. I love her bold designs and color choices, in her old work and her new. Seriously, aren’t all of these fabrics gorgeous?

5. Favorite New Fabric You Worked With in 2009

OK, technically this one wasn’t released in 2009, but it was new to my hands in 2009. My favorite new fabric I worked with was Heather Ross’ Mendocino fabrics. The prints of mermaids, sea creatures, and kelp are marvelous, and the feel of the fabric is amazing. Considering that a large amount of the fabric I work with isn’t “designer,” getting my hands on some designer material and feeling the softness and the quality was a thrill.

6. Favorite Handprinted Fabric

Hands down, my favorite hand printed fabric comes from Australian designer Lara Cameron. Not just 2009, but in general, her hand printed fabric makes my heart go pitter-patter. Wouldn’t this Birch Forest in Robin’s Egg Blue print make amazing curtains? Of her 2009 work, my favorite print is Rooftops (in snow, on natural).

7. Favorite Novelty Print

My favorite novelty print of 2009 was this Princess and the Pea print from Heather Ross’ Far Far Away Collection. I always love Heather’s collections, and this one was no exception.

8. Favorite Quilting Weight Cotton Collection

Joel Dewberry’s Deer Valley was my favorite quilting weight cotton collection of 2009. It was a hard call to make between this one and Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane, but in the end Deer Valley’s color palletes (Azure, Tarragon, and Persimmon) and excellent geometric prints gave it the edge. I love the combination of strong, straight lines and natural elements, like birds and (of course) deer. Within the collection, my favorite print is Antler Damask in Tarragon.

9. Favorite Fabric Company

My favorite fabric company of 2009 was definitely Free Spirit. I always love Free Spirit, but this year especially they were behind some of my favorite collections: Nicey Jane, Deer Valley, and Wildwood.

10. Favorite Digitally Printed Fabric

I have to say that I loved the Tetris Print designed by Jenny (with the help of a designer on Etsy) at Chronically Uncool and printed at Spoonflower. It’s a border print, so it translates into a really excellent dress.

So those are my favorites. What are yours? The instructions to play along are at True Up, or just check out some of the other lists people have shared!

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  1. Nice selections… I discovered some new ones I didn’t even know about (like the handprinted fabric). Deer Valley and Mendocino almost made my favorites, in fact I have quite a bit of both in my stash. Thanks for the well-thought out list!

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