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Preserving A Favorite Sweater

I have always loved sweaters. One of the main reasons I love fall so much is because it means a return to sweater-season! So I’ve got a pretty decent collection of sweaters, and I wear them all the time. It breaks my heart when I have to part with one of them, because it no longer fits or, more likely, because it’s been worn to death.

One of my most beloved sweaters was a beautiful cream colored cable-knit sweater that my mother bought for me during my first semester at college. I wore it all the time.

Me and my sweater. Oh, and a friend. 😉

Like most beloved sweaters, it started to fall apart after years of constant use, and I eventually had to set it aside. I didn’t know how to repair it properly, but also couldn’t bear to get rid of it, so it lived in a closet for years. Then I had this great idea to turn it into pillows, and it continued to live in the closet, but now with a purpose!

Since I have quietly, and only to myself, declared January the month of finishing unfinished projects, I finally got around to turning that unwearable sweater into something special. I cut it (oh, it was so hard!) into two panels, and used them to create two envelope-back style pillow covers. I only had one pillow form on hand, so I quickly made up a second pillow form while I was at it. Years of sitting in the closet, and the whole project only took about an hour at most.

My old sweater, transformed into pillows!

Aren’t they lovely? Now I can continue to love my sweater, and I bet these pillows will last a long time.

As for the month of finishing the unfinished, I also spent less than an hour making a body pillow cover for SciFi Man out of fabric that has been waiting for just that purpose since last spring. SciFi Man is happy, I’m happy to get that project out of my pile, everybody wins! Other unfinished projects on the docket:

  1. A “charming handbag” from Bend the Rules Sewing that was cut out last spring but never assembled.
  2. A quilt for my bed, the blocks for which were cut out but never assembled.
  3. The zig zag quilt, which just needs a few more lines of quilting and a binding.
  4. Bread bags made from tea towels.
  5. Produce bags made from netting.
  6. 2 wristlets I have cut out, but not assembled (are you noticing a theme here?)

Do you have any unfinished projects you want to finish this year? Feel free to jump on my bandwagon!

7 thoughts on “Preserving A Favorite Sweater

  1. These are lovely. It is so nice that you are able to re-purpose and hold onto a treasured item at the same time.

  2. these turned out great! I love them

  3. Thank you, Chia and Marissa. I’m really happy with how they turned out, too. 🙂

  4. These are so lovely, Shannon!
    You’ve inspired me to repurpose old sweaters I haven’t had the nerve to part with! I kept wondering what I could do with them. But who knows when I will get around to making pillows? My crafty “To-Do” list is overwhelmingly long!

  5. these are amazing! well done!

  6. what do you do with the sleeves? anything?

    1. Sally, I didn’t do anything with the sleeves, and I don’t think I saved them. But if you wanted, I bet you could use sweater sleeves to make some adorable little stuffed ornaments.

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