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New Magnet Sets in the Shop

Tonight I added some new sets of button magnets to the Etsy shop. Each set contains five magnets covered with either matching or coordinating fabric. They’re cute and practical. These are the types of magnets I use in my own kitchen, so I know that they’re strong and will last. We tend to use magnets to hold up more than one thing at a time around here, and these ones are up to the challenge!

3 thoughts on “New Magnet Sets in the Shop

  1. Hi Shannon! I ran into you via twitter and noticed that you are in Peoria. We have actually just moved to East Peoria, so we are in the same neck of the woods. You have a darling shop and blog! have a great day!

  2. Oh, these are so pretty! You take fabulous photos of your lovely wares too. I see lots of talent here!!! I also adore the pillows you made from the old sweater a few posts back. I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of some of my vintage handmade sweaters, they would be such nice pillows now.

  3. Thank you, Ravenhill. I love the photos of your Matryoshkas, so your comment about my photos is extra special to me. 🙂

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