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So, I thought I’d write this post about how my motivation has been lousy lately. Then I thought I should take a picture of something to put in the post, but I couldn’t get myself motivated enough to set up a decent shot. So no picture, because I didn’t want to subject you to a lousy picture, just because I can’t get motivated. Then I thought, “Aw, maybe I just won’t bother blogging at all.” But here I am, working up just enough oomph to blog about how I don’t seem to have any oomph.

I’m not sure where my motivation went, but it’s been a tough couple weeks in the sewing department. I just can’t seem to get excited about cutting fabric, and that’s a rather essential step to take if I’m going to be putting anything together. Amanda and I were going to work on this motivation thing together by having a craft day, but we can’t seem to get that off the ground either, and we’ve tried three times. No oomph.

Today I’ve been forcing myself to do the tiny tasks — punch out tag shapes and circles from cardboard packages, for repurposing, and attaching the strings to almost-finished tags. Tiny stuff that requires little motivation. I also managed to start baking a cake late enough in the day that it’s going to ruin gym time, but I’m turning that into an excuse for a date night with SciFi Man.  And maybe after that I’ll be able to find a little more motivation to create? I don’t know.

What do you do when you’re not feeling motivated? How do you get your mojo back? I need some help here.

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  1. Things that have worked for me. Cruise the web looking for things made in your medium by artists whose work you admire. Seeing something distinctive and different can sometimes prime the pump. Making a list. This needs to be a very itemized list. Break your project down into tiny bits. Bargain with yourself. If I cut out this one project I get to do something fun. Make the reward something that fits the task. If you do a 5 minute task you can’t do a one hour reward. But if you do a half hour task a 15 minute reward ought to be really great. Read something motivational. Self help stuff or blogs by people who run on the really excited and positive side. Get with people who are up beat. Sometimes everyone has real life issues that try to derail creative endeavors. I found after my Mother died that I had to do simpler things. Finishing older work that I had already started worked lots better than starting something brand new. Making new packaging worked as well. Everything you do that is positive will help you do a little more the next time. Eventually the mojo comes back. I try to remember this one statement “fake it til you make it”. Seriously, doing things you don’t feel motivated to do can help get your motivation back. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a big case of spring fever! Sometimes I think an attack of low motivation is just natures way of telling a self-employed person to take some time off. I’ve had plenty of those times and finally decided to go with the flow. It IS a good time to do mindless busy work like making tags and organizing supplies. I’ve also used down time to explore the internet but have found, for me at least, that it is de-motivational. Looking at all the great things other people are making, I imagine they are much more creative and productive than I am, which I’m sure is not true, but it deflates me even more. The best motivators for me: 1.Go shopping. Finding just one new bead or a bit of colorful fabric can recharge my creative batteries.
    2.Sales! Nothing gets me moving again like getting a couple of sales after a slow spell.
    In the meantime, my best advice is to not keep telling yourself what you SHOULD be doing. Self-criticism will only make you feel worse. Enjoy your time off. Creativity ALWAYS returns to a creative person. You couldn’t stop it if you tried. Hang in there 🙂

  3. I agree with Carol Emma that perhaps it’s good to step back and take a break~ I think when my motivation is lacking I like to stop trying to make it happen… I play with my kids (who are my biggest inspiration anyway!) and do other things. Usually life finds a way of inspiring me to get back at it because it’s what I love.

    BTW, I was digging around your shop and noticed that you are super close to where I live~ I’m newly moved to East Peoria! Hopefully once Illinois is a little less cold and gray we will all be a bit more inspired!=) Have a great week!

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