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A Visit to the Shedd Aquarium

SciFi Man and I spent a long weekend in Chicago. We met up with some of his friends and visited the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium. I’ve always had a soft spot for fish and watery places, so I really loved spending an afternoon at the aquarium. They had exhibits covering a wide range of habitats, but my favorite was the Wild Reef exhibit, which was absolutely full of vibrant, beautiful corals and fish.

I also really liked seeing the “coral nursery,” where the aquarium was raising new corals for the exhibit. There were several tanks full of baby corals, and it looked as though two fish were helping to tend them.

Obviously, there was more to see at the aquarium than what I’ve posted here, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with pictures. You can see more aquarium photos on my flickr stream.

One thought on “A Visit to the Shedd Aquarium

  1. Beautiful! I love aquariums.

    This post made me think of going to the Texas State Aquarium a few years back, and then it made me think of a quaint little sea turtle/dolphin rescue type place in South Padre that had a little aquarium in it. Makes me miss the South!

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