Back to School

I don’t know what happened to this summer, but today it’s officially over. This is my first day back to school. I used to love the first day of school–for me it meant new clothes, school supplies, seeing all my friends from last year, and learning new things. I know that somewhere my mom has happy photos of me on my way out the door for many a first day of school. So in honor of today, I’ve compiled a list of some of the items on Etsy that I think would be great back to school supplies.

Fabric Notebook Cover
White Robin Fabric NotebookCover by Christina’s
Oilcloth Lunch Sack
Oil Cloth Lunch Sack byThe Polka Dot Parlour
Mushrooms Journal
Mushrooms Journal byBeetlelady Books
Lampwork Skookum Pen
Lampwork Skookum Pen byIntuibead
Flap Laptop Bag
Flap Laptop Bag byBliss by Heather
The Everything Clutch
The Everything Clutch by Cipolla

Feel free to share your thoughts about going back to school, whether you loved it, hated it, are going back yourself (this year, I’ll be in twenty-first grade!… that’s really enough!) or are finally free.

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