Pardon the mess…

I’m working on getting the blog back into good shape. Somehow some malicious code snuck on to it (probably through some unsavory wordpress add-on), and I chose to delete everything to make sure it was well and truly gone.  So please bear with me as I clean things up. (And get back to posting… my hiatus has been much too long!)

Where Have I Been?

Things have been quiet here on the blog. That’s because I’ve been working on my biggest craft project to date:

She turned out pretty cute, didn’t she?

Back to Work

I’m working on a project tonight. It’s been awhile since I’ve made anything. I’ve been spending time working on other projects for a little while, like painting furniture and reading books. Oh, and cleaning my office. The disorganized state of my space really made me feel like I couldn’t make anything. Now it’s in pretty good order, and I feel free to create again. So tonight, I’m working on a stack of… well, I’ll show you when I finish them.

Oh, I also spent a bunch of time last week taking photos and updating the shop. I’ll be stocking new items in there this weekend, too.

Mmm, Samosas

Seriously, yum. These samosas are delicious. They take a fairly significant time investment, but really aren’t that difficult to make. And they are so tasty, they are worth. every. minute.

Market Photos

A couple of photos from last weekend’s market. I love all these colors.

Anodyne Design will be away for the next two weekends. I’ve got a new baby to meet and friends to see! I’ll be back in time for the last RiverFront Market on September 24th. Hope to see you there!

An Owl Wedding

A couple of dear friends of mine got married last October, and they asked me to make their wedding favors, a massive parliament of Little Hootie Owls.

Each guest received a box upon arriving at the reception. The box was labelled with their table number and contained a Little Hootie Owl. We also decided it would be a good idea to make Big Hoot owls for the bride and groom.

They sort of served as off-the-cake cake toppers, or maybe, a guard of honor for the cake? I love to think that the Big Hoots and the Little Hooties made a sweet little memento that people will actually keep. Something worth holding on to, that serves as a warm reminder of a lovely day. Not that little bags of jordan almonds aren’t totally awesome or anything.

Thanks, friends, for letting me be a part of your wedding.


Fresh carrots from The Garden Spot at the RiverFront Market yesterday.

Not a snap to be found…

When I went to get out my snaps to finish off this pretty stack of card wallets, I discovered I only had 3 heavy duty snaps left. And they’re apparently not so heavy duty anyway. The first one I installed broke off the first time I tried to pull it open. Anybody got a good heavy duty snap recommendation?

Update: Nevermind. My heavy duty snaps are just poor excuses for snaps. I tried with some simpler pearl snaps, and every wallet is now finished, and plenty sturdy. First dibs at tomorrow’s farmer’s market. Second dibs on the website probably on Sunday.

Animal Serveware Fixation

I have a fixation I didn’t even know about. It started with this teapot.

Seriously, how excellent is this? It’s an elephant teapot. I didn’t really need it. Even when I drink tea, I almost never use a teapot. But when I saw it in the store, I loved it.

I was responsible. I didn’t buy it. But I kept thinking about it. Which of course meant I needed to go back and buy it. So I did.

Then, on my quest for a vintage snail planter I once saw on Etsy (what, I didn’t tell you about my quest? I’ll save that for another post.), Ebay told me I needed this:

That, my friends, is a gravy frog. And I needed it. Again, my cooking doesn’t involve a lot of gravy, or any separately served sauces, really. But how could I possibly go on without a froggy gravy boat? So I bought it.

When I went to take a picture of the frog to show my excellent Ebay find, I remembered the elephant teapot. And that is how I figured out I have some sort of weird animal serveware fixation. I don’t seek it out. These things find me. What comes after an elephant teapot and a gravy frog?

I can’t even imagine.

Summer Squash: A Simple Recipe

I have to file this one away to remember. Our CSA share today included summer squash, which became the tastiest side dish tonight. I don’t think I’ve ever prepared summer squash on its own before. But sauteed with CSA onions and garlic, and finished with sea salt, pepper, butter, and fresh basil, it was so delicious. I’m going to have to do that one again. Yum. I’d share a picture, but we ate it all up.