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Business Cards

My New Business CardsAfter having my second conversation with a stranger recently about Etsy (“What’s that?” “How do you spell it?”) and having to say again, “it’s like Betsy without the B,” I decided it was time to get business cards. This way, I can get the word out about Etsy and about my Etsy shop and blog, too.

I’ve been coveting some moo cards, but I’m going to wait on those a bit until my business becomes a little more profitable. Until then, there’s VistaPrint. VistPrint offers 250 full color business cards for free–you just have to pay about $5 in shipping. That’s a pretty good deal for business cards. While you can’t have a custom design on your cards for free (I’m sure you can if you’re willing to pay more than $0), they have about 50 designs to choose from, and there’s a lot of variety. That’s not a bad deal for the price. And I’ll be happy to finally stop spelling Etsy for new users.

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Welcome to!

So I just barely got started on blogger when I decided it would be best to host my blog on my own domain. So, for those of you who have been reading, please change your bookmarks, feedreaders, and links to my new home: My blogger page will stay put, but I won’t be making anymore changes to it. So be sure to check here for new posts.

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I’m a Winner

This week has been all about being a winner. It’s turned out so much better than I expected. Let me delineate the ways:

  1. In the top two most exciting things to happen to me this week, I actually won something. You may have noticed my prolific blogging about the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway. I entered a pile of contests. I really wanted to win. And I did. Thanks so much to Tea Party Girl, I won a teapot, warmer, and looseleaf tea to test out in my new teapot. This is an awesome contest to win because I’ve really been dreaming about getting a teapot for ages without actually getting around to buying one. Plus, I have a stockpile of tea in my kitchen that is sadly neglected, and now it won’t be! Head on over to Tea Party Girl’s website to learn more about tea, tea parties, and to bask in the good feelings posts like this can give you:

    I also treat this blog as a place for you to come for a mini-break in the course of your day, reminding you of beauty, balance, elegance, and all that a daily tea tradition can represent.

    You deserve it.

    You deserve it not from being perfect or working too hard. You deserve it because you are worth taking care of. Your Creator thinks so, your loved ones think so, and it’s not selfishness but wisdom to discover what nurtures you. If tea breaks, parties, and brew are part of that, I want to show you how to make your teatime as beautiful and simple as possible.

    I am all for self-care. We do deserve it.

  2. Also in my top two most exciting things to happen to me this week, I made my first Etsy sale to a stranger! I’ve sold a couple items to friends, which is fantastic, but it’s an entirely different kind of fantastic to sell to someone who has no obligation to like you or to pretend to like what you make. So, thanks to my first buyer whom I don’t know. That sale really made my day.
  3. On my way to the post office today, to ship off my wristlet to it’s new home, I ran into one of my former supervisors. It was pleasant to see him (I don’t see many supervisors over the summer) and I found out that one of my reports is being used as a training aid (and not in the “what not to do” sense.) So that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  4. I had a meeting with my advisor this week that I expected to not be so great, but was actually quite enjoyable. That was cool.
  5. I cleaned my office. A clean office is so much nicer than a messy one. And having my desk clean makes me think, with all the other goodness that’s been going on this week, I may actually get some work on my dissertation done. Let’s hope the good fortune continues.

Oh, but of course since I sold one of my wristlets, I felt compelled to make a new one. It’s almost done, and it makes me think of a breezy summer day. I’ll probably post about it soon. Stay tuned.

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Why ‘Anodyne’ Design?

Anodyne isn’t a word you just hear on the street most days. At least, I haven’t heard it on any streets lately. So why am I calling this blog (and my Etsy shop) Anodyne Design? For one, it rhymes nicely, although I could have come up with plenty of other rhyming names if that was my goal.

Mostly, I was looking for a name that captured in itself the type of feeling I wanted my shop to convey. Anodyne Design rolls off the tongue, and at least for me, it’s a very soothing and beautiful word. I have a friend who says it’s her favorite word, and I can see why. Perhaps as a bonus, anodyne actually means “soothing.” It also means to relieve pain and to comfort. All things most people would like to have. Although I’m sure the things I create can’t possibly compete with Ibuprofen in the pain-relief department, I do hope that they provide the same sense of comfort and peace to their owners that I have when I’m making them.

I guess it’s sort of like onomatopoeia (another lovely word), in that the sound of the word gives the sense of its meaning.