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I’m a Winner

This week has been all about being a winner. It’s turned out so much better than I expected. Let me delineate the ways:

  1. In the top two most exciting things to happen to me this week, I actually won something. You may have noticed my prolific blogging about the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway. I entered a pile of contests. I really wanted to win. And I did. Thanks so much to Tea Party Girl, I won a teapot, warmer, and looseleaf tea to test out in my new teapot. This is an awesome contest to win because I’ve really been dreaming about getting a teapot for ages without actually getting around to buying one. Plus, I have a stockpile of tea in my kitchen that is sadly neglected, and now it won’t be! Head on over to Tea Party Girl’s website to learn more about tea, tea parties, and to bask in the good feelings posts like this can give you:

    I also treat this blog as a place for you to come for a mini-break in the course of your day, reminding you of beauty, balance, elegance, and all that a daily tea tradition can represent.

    You deserve it.

    You deserve it not from being perfect or working too hard. You deserve it because you are worth taking care of. Your Creator thinks so, your loved ones think so, and it’s not selfishness but wisdom to discover what nurtures you. If tea breaks, parties, and brew are part of that, I want to show you how to make your teatime as beautiful and simple as possible.

    I am all for self-care. We do deserve it.

  2. Also in my top two most exciting things to happen to me this week, I made my first Etsy sale to a stranger! I’ve sold a couple items to friends, which is fantastic, but it’s an entirely different kind of fantastic to sell to someone who has no obligation to like you or to pretend to like what you make. So, thanks to my first buyer whom I don’t know. That sale really made my day.
  3. On my way to the post office today, to ship off my wristlet to it’s new home, I ran into one of my former supervisors. It was pleasant to see him (I don’t see many supervisors over the summer) and I found out that one of my reports is being used as a training aid (and not in the “what not to do” sense.) So that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  4. I had a meeting with my advisor this week that I expected to not be so great, but was actually quite enjoyable. That was cool.
  5. I cleaned my office. A clean office is so much nicer than a messy one. And having my desk clean makes me think, with all the other goodness that’s been going on this week, I may actually get some work on my dissertation done. Let’s hope the good fortune continues.

Oh, but of course since I sold one of my wristlets, I felt compelled to make a new one. It’s almost done, and it makes me think of a breezy summer day. I’ll probably post about it soon. Stay tuned.

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Someone Else Knows How to Spread the Love

So, I’ve been blogging about the generous bloggers who are giving away something this week to people who only have to leave a comment on their post. I feel like I should mention one of these bloggers who decided to give away something every single day this week (and you’ve still got time to enter her contests, which don’t end until Friday night.) And not just anything–she’s giving away some pretty nice gifts, especially this one. Not only is she giving away cool things, but it sounds like she’s giving away things she already owns but doesn’t need. So, it’s generosity and recycling. That’s pretty cool.

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I Want to be a Winner

Anyone who knows me knows I want to be a winner. Can’t help it. Wanting to be a winner makes me a dangerous person to bring to Las Vegas. Because, I have gathered, people who want to be winners leave Vegas with no winnings. (Because, of course, they use any winnings they do get to try to get *more* winnings. And this is not an effective winning strategy.)

But it is my strategy. And I still want to win. Which is why I feel like I found the coolest thing tonight: Rocks In My Dryer is having the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway. Piles, and I mean PILES, of bloggers have signed on to give something to their readers out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re even paying for shipping. What wonderful people– both because they’re being incredibly nice, and because, whether they know it or not, they’ve given someone who desperately wants to be a winner the hope that she may actually win this time. And even if I don’t, I’ve checked out lots of blogs tonight and I’m pretty sure I’ve found some cool new ones to read.

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Reading Material

Playing around with Bloggers “Next Blog” feature this afternoon inadvertently led me to find a slew of books on Amazon that I’ve added to my list of books I need to read (probably to the detriment of my poor little dissertation.) Somehow, I ended up on a blog that mentioned The Wisdom of Crowds, which sent me off to Amazon to gather more information. Amazon then suggested several other books I might like, and several more once I clicked on those. Maybe I’m feeling highly suggestible today, but I added a bunch of them to my wish list to remember for later. Here are some of the books I’ve added to my to-be-read list:

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Featured in an Etsy Treasury

One of my Etsy items is being featured in a treasury! It’s a treasury for new Etsy sellers, and there’s some pretty cool items in there. I suggest you check out what Etsy’s new shops have to offer.

Some of my new discoveries through the treasury include Lavender Patch, who has some lovely handmade patchwork items, including a beautiful quilt, and Pamela Michelle, a graphic designer who has some very cool prints and pendants.

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Edge of Summer

Edge of Summer

This is a picture of my first Etsy purchase. It shipped on Monday, and I’m pretty excited about it arriving. I purchased it from Anti Genre, who has quite a few lovely things in her shop, several of which I’d like to purchase in the near future. This particular piece is called Edge of Summer Pendant (Vineland II), which I think is a perfectly fitting name. The pendant reminds me of being outside in the garden, and of watermelon. Mmm… nice things to be remembering!

Addendum 7/11/07: The pendant arrived at my mom’s house today. She was surprised, because she thought I was shopping for me. And I would happily own this pendant myself, but I’m more happy that it’s hers. I think she likes it. Who doesn’t like a surprise present in the mail?

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My Brand Spanking New Blog: An Introduction

Welcome to my blog! I’ve been exploring my creative side a lot lately, and I thought it would be good to have a blog to document my projects. I don’t want to simply limit myself to the things I make, though, so I plan to be writing about food, books, and whatever else I feel like, too. In addition, I’ll probably be writing about creative things I see others doing, online and out in the world. I’m glad you stopped by to join me.

A few things about me:

  • I am sure I inherited my artistic sense and love of creating from my mom.
  • I have two cats, a tank full of fish, and if it weren’t for my husband, I’d probably be well on my way to having a whole zoo.
  • I am a graduate student who’s been in school long enough that I’m finally looking forward to the end. (So is my husband.)
  • One of my favorite books is The Boys of My Youth by Jo Ann Beard. You should check it out. Of course, I’m pretty excited about the new Harry Potter coming out, too.