Card Wallet in Dogwood

Card Wallet in Dogwood

Price: $7.00

This card wallet is really so much more than a card wallet. It can hold all sorts of things--business cards, credit cards, ID, cash, small gifts, feminine products, and anything else no bigger than 3.25" x 5". It would work great as a way to protect your jewelry. Or what better way to wrap a gift card? With all the uses for these little wallets, you may want to keep a few on hand!

The exterior of this lightweight and versatile card wallet features dogwood flowers in white, brown, green, and turquoise. The interior is a vibrant green with orange dots. The wallet is finished with natural thread. It is interfaced for durability and closes with a pearl and silver snap.

Dimensions: 3.25" tall by 5" wide (8.25cm by 12.7cm). The wallet is pictured holding 50 business cards. (Business cards not included.)

Care: Machine wash delicate, cool. Tumble dry low. Iron flat.