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Action Shots of a Different Sort

You may have noticed by now that I’m a fan of photos of Anodyne Design items in “action.” Most of these photos come after someone has purchased the item, but it has recently come to my attention that there is whole other realm of possibility for action shots: wandering photographers at craft show and farmers’ markets. Farmers’ markets in particular seem to be especially appealing to the itinerant photographer, and apparently even photographers cannot resist the cuteness of the Little Hootie Owl.

This photo of the Little Hooties recently appeared in the Bloomington Farmers’ Market weekly newsletter:

Little Hootie Owls at the Bloomington Farmers' Market
Photo by Gemma Billings

And this one was taken at the recent craft fair at the FRC:

Photo of Little Hootie Owls by Natural Habitat
Photo by Natural Habitat

Thanks for taking, and sharing, such lovely photos! Oh, and if you happen to be the sort of photographer who’s drawn to farmers’ markets, check out the flickr pool I created for photos taken at the Peoria RiverFront Market. The Market starts up again the first Saturday in June. Bring your camera.

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Action Shots

One of my favorite things about selling online is when my customers tell me what they plan to do with what they’ve bought. Better yet, some of them even send me a photo of their Anodyne Design item in action. I love these photos. They’re so gratifying. Thank you, awesome customers, for sending a little love back to me.

On top of the warm fuzzies I get from seeing an action shot, it has recently occurred to me that some of these shots might be useful to other potential buyers, too. For example, I have a friend who thinks the Little Hootie Owls are cute, but can’t seem to imagine what they are for. So it would probably be extra-helpful for people like her to see some of the owls being used by actual people. Another local friend recently told me that the owls are much cuter in person, and that they are smaller than she realized based on my product photos. Again, action shots could help a lot in this sort of situation.

And so, may I present to you a few customer-taken Little Hootie Owl action shots. This is what these little guys do in the wild:

Little Hootie Owls "nesting" in an orchid
Little Hootie Owls “nesting” in an orchid
Little Hootie Owl as a small hat
Little Hootie Owl as a small hat

I keep an album on Anodyne Design’s facebook page just for action shots. If you have something from Anodyne Design, I’d love it if you would share a picture! In fact, I love action shots so much, I think I may be announcing an Anodyne Design Action Shot contest soon. Stay tuned for that. Until then, I would love to hear your thoughts on action shots. Do you love them and save them like I do? Never thought of them? Have a better use for them that just keeping them for warm fuzzy feelings? Let me know!

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Saturday Ritual

View from the RiverFront Market

My Saturdays this summer have become a ritual. Wake up too early for my liking and pack up for the Farmer’s Market. On the way to the market, pick up two french toast bagels and one container of hazelnut cream cheese, to share with SciFi Man. Spend four hours at the market making friends, people watching, and buying delicious local produce. Our selections vary from week to week, but we always buy something from our “lettuce guy” and the “tomato man.”

The tomato man always draws faces on his unusually-shaped tomatoes. I love that little detail.
The tomato man always draws faces on his unusually-shaped tomatoes. I love that little detail.

After the market, we go out to lunch and then go home for a post-market nap. I love that my Saturdays have fallen into such a nice, predictable pattern, even though the details of people, produce, and restaurants change from week to week. I also love getting an opportunity to interact with my customers in person. Today was a great day for selling my reusable grocery bags (what better place for one of those than the farmer’s market?), and SciFi man was kind enough to capture a shot of one of my bags in action. I love knowing that someone finds usefulness and beauty in something I’ve made.

Reusable Grocery Bag Action Shot!
Reusable Grocery Bag Action Shot!

Do you have a Saturday (or any other day) ritual? What do you do? If you are in central Illinois and don’t already, you should consider adding the RiverFront market to your Saturday ritual. I’m there every week–come say hello!

One of the regular vendors at the RiverFront market always makes these gorgeous bouquets.
One of the regular vendors at the RiverFront market always makes these gorgeous bouquets. My day is a little bit brighter for seeing them!