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It Wasn’t On The List

Of course, as soon as I share my Crafty To Do List with you, I go off and make something that wasn’t on the list. When SciFi Man saw, he said “What about the quilt? This project wasn’t on your list.” To which I brilliantly replied, “How do you know about my list?” I guess he keeps tabs on my blog more than I realized. That’s sweet.

So, true to form, I wrote a list and promptly deviated from it. I followed My Spare Time’s very nice tutorial for making a simple baby blanket. The tutorial was easy to follow, although I think my mitered corners still need a bit of perfecting. Good thing these blankets are quick to put together, so I’ll be able to practice my corners. And until they’re perfect, I get to keep the spoils for myself, which is awesome, because I love how this first blankie turned out.

Baby Blanket

The top is a now-unavailable Tracy Porter print in dusky pink with brown branches and flowers. It’s paired with a soft green apple fleece that I had laying around from another unfinished project, and bound with satin blanket binding in cream. So pretty! Yoda, always my blanket model, helped me out with a photo shoot:

The Only Baby in This House...
The Only Baby in This House…
"Be sure you get my handsome profile..."
“Be sure you get my handsome profile…”
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Etsy Things That Make Me Wish I Had Little Ones

I have noticed that Etsy has a lot of shops geared towards little ones. I’m constantly seeing adorable baby blankets, dresses, artwork, and toys. As a person with no children of my own, no nieces or nephews, and very few friends with children, I don’t really have much of a reason to shop for child-themed items. Getting a pair of knitted baby Uggs for a non-existant kiddo was weird enough.

Measuring Tapes Peek-a-Boo Dress by RaeGun

Sometimes, though, I see something on Etsy that makes me wish I had a kid to buy it for. Sometimes it’s a single item, and sometimes it’s a whole shop. Two of these shops that make me wish I had children are RaeGun and Sarah Jane Studios. RaeGun sells the most adorable handmade dresses for little girls (and also some grown up dresses, slings, and clothes for little boys). The dress pictured at left is one of my current favorites, the Measuring Tapes Peek-a-Boo Dress. RaeGun also has a blog worth checking out.

J’aime Mon Papa Print by Sarah Jane Studios

Sarah Jane Studios provides beautiful artwork under the heading “illustrating childhood.” And at least for me, this style of art does remind me of my own childhood. These prints remind me of images I saw in Highlights Magazine, and other children’s books. Each print is lovely, but some of my favorites are April Showers and Wellesley and Winslow — Christmas Post. The shop features prints and a variety of stationery. You can keep tabs on Sarah Jane Studios on her blog.

As for single items that make me wish I had a kid to shop for, check out the Arr… Change me booty Onsie (I like pirates), this Freshcut Peasant Dress, and Harry Hippo.

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A New Machine and a Finished Project

What happened to this morning’s post? It was delayed, because I was happily sewing away on my fancy new sewing machine! It was time to retire my good old generic home ec machine and bring in the new Baby Lock Creative Pro. So far, I’m loving it.

Nap Time Baby Tote

This afternoon I finished up a tote bag for a friend. She’s giving it as a baby shower gift, which I think is the perfect thing to do with a bag like this. The bag has large pockets for everything baby needs, and best of all, it can be unfolded and unzipped into a soft, flannel blanket for baby to rest or play on. My friend picked out the fabrics. She chose a gorgeous blue paisley for the exterior and, to keep Dad happy, a pale blue camouflage flannel for the interior. I hope they love it.

Nap Time Baby Tote in Action!

I’ve got a little bit of the paisley fabric left over, so expect to see it in my next project.