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A New Bag

I made myself a new tote today. It’s a fairly simple design, with three pockets across the front. SciFi man tells me I ought to put a zippered pocket inside, too. That’s probably a good idea, and one I’ll try in the next draft. But for now, I’m happy with this little bag. What do you think?

New Tote

And while we’re at it, here’s a gratuitous picture of a kitty soaking up the afternoon sun. Aww.

Kitty in the Sun

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I’ve Got a Brand New Bag: Bias Tape Tote

I tried to make those pajama pants I mentioned in an earlier post, but they turned out to be designed for one giant oompa loompa. (I’m by no means perfect, but I’m definitely not a giant oompa loompa.) I may have to turn them into a tent.

One more successful thing to come out of my little break last week was a new bag for me. I followed the Belle Epoque Bias Tape Tote tutorial, which is a very easy-to-follow and quick little project. And most importantly, it is a project with pretty results.

Bias Tape Tote a la Belle Epoque

Bias Tape Tota a la Belle Epoque

Even with messing up the bias tape and having to rip out and redo some stitches, I was able to finish up this bag in about an hour. The instructions call for a yard each of your outer and lining fabric, but I don’t think you’ll really need that much. I think a half yard will do just fine. I used a scrap of Tracy Porter fabric I had left over from my brother’s quilt and some perfectly matched red fabric my grandmother sent home with me. The tiny red leaves and the solid red interior are my favorite parts of this bag. The punch of color just makes it seem so lively! I also decided to use batting to give the bag some shape and padding, instead of interfacing, which would have provided structure, but would not have been as soft.

I’m not the only one to have tried out Belle Epoque’s wonderful tutorial. Check out the Belle Epoque Flickr group to see what others have done with the pattern.

I actually intended for this to be a practice bag. I planned to make the “real” bag in a marvelous fabric I just bought, but I’ve fallen in love with the practice bag. I may save that other fabric for another project. Or maybe I will make another bias tape tote—you can’t have too many, right?

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Design A Day – Day 3: Another Wristlet

Patchwork Wristlet for Knittinchick

Day 3’s design is a wristlet for Knittinchick, the blogger who sent me the adorable baby Uggs. I sure hope she likes it. It’s got vibrant greens and blues tied together with brown thread and a brown zipper. I am really enjoying making these wristlets, and now that I’ve made the few I owed people, I can make one for myself and a few for the shop!

Patchwork Wristlet for Knittinchick

Patchwork Wristlet for Knittinchick in Action

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Design a Day – Day 2: Midnight Garden Wristlet

Midnight Garden Patchwork Wristlet

I put together another wristlet on Sunday. I used some of my favorite Tracy Porter fabrics, the purple one I call “midnight garden” and the olive green one. Sorry, I don’t know their real names. I made this one for someone who says her favorite colors are purple and green. I hope she likes it!

Midnight Garden Patchwork Wristlet in Action

Design a Day came along at the same time I’ve been feeling a desire to clear off my crafty to do list, and it feels good to cross off one more thing. So at least until the to do list is finished (is that possible?) Design a Day’s rewards are twofold: the joy of creating something new and the joy of easing that ever present burden of things that must get done. I just hope Design a Day doesn’t itself become a to do list burden. I’ll do my best to keep it off my list.

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Design A Day – Day 1: A Wristlet

Patchwork Wristlet - View 1

Gemmafactrix recently issued a challenge via a flickr group, Design a Day. Her challenge: to make something new every day for a month. She wrote, “Often I get so caught up in selling my work – taking photos, packaging, shipping, updating my website – that I forget to just enjoy creating. Hopefully this group will help me – and you – do that. ” With the start of the new month, I am taking the challenge. Here is my first design: a new wristlet that I’m absolutely in love with. I made it for someone else, and now I’m sad that I have to give it away! I will definitely be making more.
Patchwork Wristlet - View 2

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A New Machine and a Finished Project

What happened to this morning’s post? It was delayed, because I was happily sewing away on my fancy new sewing machine! It was time to retire my good old generic home ec machine and bring in the new Baby Lock Creative Pro. So far, I’m loving it.

Nap Time Baby Tote

This afternoon I finished up a tote bag for a friend. She’s giving it as a baby shower gift, which I think is the perfect thing to do with a bag like this. The bag has large pockets for everything baby needs, and best of all, it can be unfolded and unzipped into a soft, flannel blanket for baby to rest or play on. My friend picked out the fabrics. She chose a gorgeous blue paisley for the exterior and, to keep Dad happy, a pale blue camouflage flannel for the interior. I hope they love it.

Nap Time Baby Tote in Action!

I’ve got a little bit of the paisley fabric left over, so expect to see it in my next project.

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Another Gift Finished

“Ready for a Picnic” Quilted Handbag

I’ve been sewing like a maniac lately. I’ve renamed my office “Santa’s Little Sweatshop.” SciFi Man has been helping out, too. He baked up a big batch of cookies over the weekend. (The sugar cookies were particularly delicious.) Yesterday, we shipped off a batch of cookies to family, and a bag I made for his grandmother. I hope she likes it. It’s the same style as the lavender bag I showed you awhile, but this one is in green and tan and reminds me of picnics. As with the other bag, it’s quilted and has two interior pockets, one of which is zippered. Now, back to my sewing machine…

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Custom Order Finished

Custom Laptop/Overnight Bag

I just finished a custom laptop/overnight bag for a friend. It’s nice and roomy, with a zippered inside pocket and a smaller, non-zippered inside pocket. The exterior has a large pocket across the front. The bag has handles and an adjustable strap, and just to make sure nothing falls out, the whole thing stays shut with velcro. I hope she likes it.

Custom Laptop/Overnight Bag Detail

We went shopping together to pick out the fabric, and I think she really chose some wonderfully matched colors and patterns. The lining of the bag is the cream fabric with small blue stars, which matches nicely with the blue body of the bag and multi-color blue and tan stripe. I really love when someone I live near asks me to make them a bag and we can pick the fabric out together. I’ve had the pleasure of doing this with a few friends, and I’m always so pleased with the colors and patterns they choose. So far, they have never been the ones I would have chosen but they always work together just right and they reflect something about the person who will be carrying that bag. What could be better?