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Hello, August!

August started out with a semi-rainy Saturday down at the RiverFrontMarket, followed by a perfectly lovely (and dry!) Sunday at the Fancy Schmancy Flea Market, which is quickly becoming a regular event here in central Illinois. This weekend I had the opportunity to use my new banner on my tent, and I saw it attracting eyes and smiles. It really is a cute a banner.

I had to opportunity to meet someone I’ve emailed with who wanted a particular color of wristlet, and it looks like I was able to come up with something just perfect for her. Take note: If you want something specific, please ask! I love to make custom orders!

I have also started selling magnets over the past two weekends, and I’ve been surprised by how popular they are! (Although SciFi Man and my dear friend KT both said, “told you so!” Apparently, I am the last one on the magnet train.) I started out by making a few sets of fabric covered button magnets, like the ones I made for myself awhile ago, and then tried my hand at decoupaged clothespin magnets. I love the way pretty paper transforms a simple clothespin into something special.

Clothespin Magnets

What I love even more is the way pretty paper transforms mini clothespins into something special and tiny.

I think these little guys are just so adorable. And from the feedback I’ve gathered at the markets, I’m not the only one. The first day I debuted the mini clip magnets I sold out within two hours and there was almost a fight over the last package! Since then, I’ve taken care to bring a larger selection with me, so everyone can have a little mini magnet goodness.

Overall, a good start to August. I am hoping that the rest of the month is filled with more good things, for me and for you, too!

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A Beautiful Day at the Market

The view from my booth at the market. Can you believe that sky?
The view from my booth at the market. Can you believe that sky?

It was another beautiful day at the RiverFront Market yesterday. The sky was unbelievably blue and filled with puffy white clouds. It was cool and breezy. And the people were plentiful and friendly. I got to chat with so many people, some new and some I’m beginning to recognize as regulars. And, of course, I loaded up on fresh produce for the week. “Triple sweet corn,” a bouquet of basil (which is going into a marvelous vegan pesto tonight!), and a bag full of gorgeous peaches, among other things.

Fresh veggies at the Hartz Produce stand.
Fresh veggies at the Hartz Produce stand.

I also debuted a new quilted tote bag at the market this week. I quilted the fabric myself, in a simple pattern of perpendicular straight lines, but I think future versions of these new bags are going to give me a great opportunity to work on stippling with my new, and as-yet-unused, free-motion foot. I love the quilting and the soft structure of these bags. They’re also quite roomy, and I think rather pretty, especially with that green french velvet ribbon for trim.

New quilted tote bags.
New quilted tote bags.

All in all, it was another lovely Saturday morning and I’m looking forward to next week already! Do stop by and say hello! And remember, if you are looking for something particular that you don’t see in my booth, or my shop, I always welcome emails for custom work.

On another note, you may have noticed in my site redesign that I have added a link to the Anodyne Design Facebook fan page. Please take a moment to check it out and become a fan. I update it frequently with information about past and future events and photos. And I expect it will be home to special offers and giveaways in the future. You wouldn’t want to miss out on something like that, would you?

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Group Photo

I made another stack of wallets. There’s something so satisfying to me to see a stack of matching items together. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but it makes me happy. So of course I needed to photograph the stack.

Stack of Card Wallets
A fresh stack of card wallets.

Doesn’t the group just look so nice? I’m also loving the different colors of cowgirl snaps I used on the wallets. It’s so nice to have options now, instead of just the plain pearl and silver for everything.

Just FYI: I’m listing these wallets in my Etsy shop, in case one strikes your fancy.

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Fabric Cover for a Mini Journal

I spent my Saturday working on making fabric journal covers. I went through 4 covers before I found the perfect measurements. Who would have guessed it would be so hard? Then I had to decide if the journal needed some sort of a closure, and if so, what sort? A button, a strap, elastic, nothing? After consulting with SciFi man and my very crafty mom (to whom I owe probably all the credit for any of my own craftiness) it was decided that an elastic strap was the way to go. I’m glad I listened to them, because the strap does make the whole thing look more finished. And you know how much I like things to look finished. Behold…

Fabric Journal Cover

I especially like that I made this for a tiny 4″x6″ notebook. It’s very portable, which I think increases the likelihood that it will actually be remembered and used. I think it’s even small enough to fit into one of my wristlets. Awesome.

Action Shot:

Fabric Journal Cover in Action

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A Sunny Saturday

The sun is shining today, I slept in, and my sweetheart took me out for lunch. Mmm, tasty chips and salsa. What a lovely start to the weekend. Yesterday was absolutely awful, weather-wise, with rain and wind and thunder all over the place. The poor kitties had to spend a good portion of their time in hiding. To counter that, I made a couple of sunny, lemony wristlets.

Carefree Wristlet in Lemonade

Isn’t this Alexander Henry fabric just wonderful? I think it would be pretty hard to have a bad day if you were carrying this around, even if it was raining. Another good thing today: Needle ‘N Thread is having a stash giveaway. Share a little bit about how you organize your embroidery threads and be entered to win some pretty new embroidery thread and storage containers. Now who couldn’t use that?

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Bag Love

It sounds repetitive after awhile, but every new creation seems to be my favorite. Until I make another one, and then that one is my favorite. It’s hard to have so many favorites! But it is comforting to know that even if I have to part with a favorite, as I often do, the next thing I make will be the best thing ever again. I say all this by way of introducing you to my new favorite, the Carefree Wristlet.

Carefree Wristlet

I created this pattern at the beginning of the week, and was just itching to get through my work days so that I could make more. (Maybe you can guess what my plans are this weekend!) I hadn’t originally planned to include the button, but when I finished the wristlet it seemed like it needed just a little more embellishment. Pleats are pretty, but I think the button just makes it look finished. I made the covered button into a pin, since I imagine not everyone may think it’s as cute as I do. Or maybe they will want to move it around, or replace it with another pin. Either way, a pin opens up possibilities that a plain old button just can’t.

Sigh. *Love*

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A New Bag

I made myself a new tote today. It’s a fairly simple design, with three pockets across the front. SciFi man tells me I ought to put a zippered pocket inside, too. That’s probably a good idea, and one I’ll try in the next draft. But for now, I’m happy with this little bag. What do you think?

New Tote

And while we’re at it, here’s a gratuitous picture of a kitty soaking up the afternoon sun. Aww.

Kitty in the Sun

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The Everyday Wallet

Introducing the Everyday Wallet — the newest addition to Anodyne Design!

A Stack of Everyday Wallets

If you have been following the blog, you know I have been working on this design for awhile. It feels great to have settled on a final version! This new wallet folds shut and stays shut with a pretty little snap. Inside, you’ll find three pockets for credit cards, cash, and anything else. You will also find a zippered pocket to hold change and other loose items. Even with all that, the wallet is pretty thin and can easily fit into a pocket or small bag.

This is definitely a step up from the card wallets I usually make. And for me, it finally means that my card wallet can really be just for my business cards, and everything else I keep in my wallet can now be neatly organized with room to spare in the Everyday Wallet. Of course, if you don’t already have a card wallet, there is space in the Everyday Wallet for your business cards, too. I hope you will love this new design as much as I do!