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A Few Bloggy Giveaways

Check out some of these giveaways I’ve come across on some of my favorite blogs lately:

  • Sew Gracious is giving away a lovely tote bag. Just check out her Etsy shop and leave a comment about which item is your favorite–but hurry! The giveaway ends tonight.
  • Modish is also having a giveaway and you’ll have at least two chances to win this one, because she’ll be choosing two winners. But you can also enter more than once, so you can increase your chances of winning even more. You have a chance to win a lot of cool handmade goodies.
  • And finally, Kleas is having a little fat quarter giveaway to celebrate her 200th post. If you like adorable fabric, you should check this one out.
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Apron Giveaway

Cupcake Apron from Carolyn’s Kitchen

Do you like adorable aprons? I’m not always so good about wearing aprons, but I do love the way they look. I found out about this Summer Holiday Apron Giveaway at The Apronista via a post on And She Can’t Even Cook! Check out the giveaway–you get to choose which apron you like best from Carolyn’s Kitchen and you can enter up to three times–and then check out And She Can’t Even Cook!, which is one of the blogs I keep tabs on in my feed reader.

(And yes, this post signals my return from my extended “vacation.”) I’ve been busy moving, sewing, cooking, and container gardening, and it’s high time I got back into blogging!

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Defying the Odds

My more statistically-inclined friend has informed me that I have defied the odds. The bloggy giveaway was awesome, both in terms of being able to give something away, interacting with so many other participants, exploring new blogs, and in being a winner. There were so many incredible giveaways going on last week and I entered quite a few of them. I’m now the happy recipient of a credit on PaperBackSwap, from Kacie over at Sense to Save, which I have already used to claim a copy of Ann Hood’s Do Not Go Gentle: My Search for Miracles in a Cynical Time. I’ve been wanting to read that book for sometime, so thank you, Kacie!

Pretty In Pink Earrings from Jezebel’s Jewels

Obviously, since I started this post by talking about defying the odds, I won a couple more giveaways. That was statistically unexpected, but very exciting for me. I won a beautiful pair of “Pretty in Pink” earrings from Jennifer at Jezebel’s Jewels. Be sure to check out her blog, and all the pretty designs she has in her Etsy shop, too! Her pieces have a classic, simple design that definitely appeals to my sense of style. I also won a Starbucks gift card from M.C. over at Milk in the Closet. And you know that is going straight to my vanilla bean iced frappucino habit. Be sure to check out her blog. I love what she had to say about You’ve Got Mail and blogging.

Baby Uggs by Knittinchick

And finally, I ended up in a trade with another giveaway host! Laura, over at Knittinchick’s Musings, makes these adorable Baby Uggs. I so admire anyone who can knit a scarf, let alone shoes. No, I don’t have a secret baby, and I’m not pregnant. But I plan to have one in the not-so-distant future, and one of the perks I imagine is dressing them up to be cute, so Baby Uggs it is! I’ll be sending a to-be-determined bag to Laura.

Thanks to everyone–Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer, each giveaway host, and everyone who left wonderful comments–for making the giveaway such a fun experience!

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Drumroll, Please.

(Psst. If you didn’t win, keep reading anyway. There’s a deal at the end that’s totally for you!)


Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway for the Modern Diamonds card wallet or an as-yet-to-be made card wallet! I am amazed that so many of you entered, and absolutely thrilled that almost all of you followed the rules. It was incredibly hard to choose just one comment for the Modern Diamonds card wallet. Those of you who thought you should win because you followed the rules–I think you should, too! But there was more than one of you, so that didn’t seem like a sufficient criterion for choosing the winner. Every reason you offered was a great reason to need a card wallet, and I truly wish it was in my budget to give one to each of you. I really do. Unfortunately for you, I’m a broke student, so that’s not happening.

To those of you who volunteered for the guerrilla marketing program (remember, you said you’d casually wave around your new card wallet in front of all your friends, until they just had to know where you got it?) — Thank you! It’s a fabulous idea! Once Anodyne Design makes it big, I’ll have to start that program.

I totally understand those of you who need new wallets to match your new bags, those of you who need something cute in your lives, and those of you who value something handmade as a little more special than something you buy at the mall. All of your wonderful, generous compliments made me smile all week long. As for the one who called fire (I’m talking about you, #88) you have no idea how funny that was — after the fiasco where I spilled wine all over my monitor (don’t ask), my husband was convinced it would burst into flames at any minute. It hasn’t yet.

So after much soul searching and personal turmoil, I have made my choice. It was close, but the winning comment, from SomeoneBeingMe, is:

I love that wallet. Pink and brown are so cute. I should win because I am so not the crafty type and could never make anything that cute myself. I come from a line of crafty women who can make beautiful creations with 3 straws, glitter, and a glue gun and I’m the one who would end up with a straw glue gunned to my hair.

Girl, this wallet is way cooler than anything made out of 3 straws, glitter, and a glue gun. Plus, now you’re a winner. (Have I ever mentioned that I’ve always wanted to be a winner? It’s pretty awesome.)

And according to, our lucky randomly selected winner is: Comment #80! Comment 80 comes to us from Kristine, who wrote: “I could use something like this for my diaper bag! My fave color is purple.” Just you wait. Soon, you’ll be rockin’ an awesome purple card wallet!

For those of you who didn’t win, let’s still be friends, okay? This giveaway was so much fun, I suspect I’ll be doing it again soon! And really, with all those great reasons for needing a card wallet, maybe you should treat yourself to one? In fact, for everyone who entered this giveaway, if you buy a card wallet from my Etsy shop (and don’t worry, I’ll be restocking this weekend!) during the month of February, I’ll give you free shipping on your order. Just leave a note when you place your order saying you participated in the giveaway and I’ll refund the shipping cost through PayPal.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

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Odds and Ends

Today’s post is a little late. I’m blaming it on the snow storm, but really, it’s because I got so caught up in trying to be a winner last night, thanks to the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival, that I didn’t plan ahead for my blog post today. This is also why I don’t do well in Vegas. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, some odds and ends.

  • Don’t forget to enter in the giveaway for an Anodyne Design card wallet if you haven’t already. I’m really excited about giving this away, and I’d love to give it to you.  If you’re lucky. The entry period ends at 9:00 p.m. tonight central standard time, so hop to!
  • Be sure to check out the blog tomorrow to find out which two lucky entrants won the giveaway!
  • Anodyne Design has joined up with Project Wonderful to offer advertising on this blog. For advertisers, it’s a very affordable way to advertise, AND you get to have a say in where your ads appear (unlike Google Adwords). Want to advertise on Anodyne Design? Just click here.
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You Can Be A Winner

Thank you to everyone who has been commenting on my blog lately, to all of you who have clearly taken the time to read through my giveaway post and come up with wonderful, creative comments! I have enjoyed reading them as they come in, and I can already tell that it’s going to be VERY hard to pick just one comment that has grabbed my attention. You all deserve to be winners. I wish my budget was big enough to allow that. As it is, keep the comments coming! I’m loving them!

Since this is Bloggy Giveaways Carnival week, and my giveaway is ongoing until Thursday night, I wanted to remind you all that you can still be a winner! I don’t know if that’s important to you or not, but I know I sure enjoy being a winner. First off, please enter my giveaway for a card wallet. Once you’ve done that, check out the more than 600 other giveaways going on this week that are connected to the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival. And be sure to check out Chia’s giveaway for a beautiful photo album!

If you’re the kind of good-hearted person that likes to give back (but still likes to do a bit of receiving, too!) consider participating in the Handmade Pay It Forwards that TeeGee Studios, Flying Shoes, and April’s Flowers are hosting. They will send you a special handmade gift (and I sure do wish I could sign up for their PIFs myself!) if you promise to offer three new people a handmade pay it forward. I think it’s a wonderful way to receive a very special handmade gift and share your own handmade love with others. And I happen to know that TeeGee, Wendy, and April are all very talented artists.

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Bloggy Giveaways Carnival


Bloggy Giveaways is hosting another giveaway carnival. This is the third one I’ve known about, and I thought it was time I participate. If you have just stumbled across this blog via Bloggy Giveaways (or your own creative devices), welcome! If you are a regular reader of Anodyne Design, you may already know that from time to time I give away something handmade. (To see examples of the types of things I make, check my Etsy shop or Flickr.) Now seemed like as good a time as any to give away something else!

Before I get to the good stuff, there are some “rules” we have to take care of. This blog giveaway carnival thing always gets huge. And that means lots of people who want to be winners (and believe me, I totally get you) are flying through blogs leaving comments without ever actually reading more than a sentence on the blog (not you, though! You are clearly reading more than that!) I’m sorry, but the price of admission to this giveaway is that you at least read the rules.

So please, to be entered to win this giveaway, leave a comment on this post with:

  • a valid email or web address (you can’t win if I can’t contact you!)
  • a reason why you should be the winner

That’s it. The rules really aren’t so bad, are they? I’d love it if you stayed awhile and checked out the rest of Anodyne Design, or added it to your feed reader for later, but that’s completely optional.

Now, the good stuff. You’ll be entering to win a Modern Diamonds Card Wallet, handmade by me.

Modern Diamonds Card Wallet

The card wallet can hold all sorts of things–business cards, credit cards, ID, cash, small gifts, feminine products, and anything else no bigger than 3″ x 4.75″. The outside is corduroy, and it closes with a pretty pearl and silver snap. Pattern placement may vary a bit on the actual giveaway wallet.

The giveaway will run from 8:00 a.m. Monday, January 28th to 9:00 p.m. Thursday, January 31st. From the comments that followed the rules, I will select a winner based on the comment that most captured my attention (and I’m sure you can think of all sorts of ways to do that). A second winner will be selected with a random number generator, so you have two chances to win: pure luck (and following the rules) and a little bit of luck and a whole lot of interesting (and following the rules). The prize for the second winner will be an as-yet-to-be-selected card wallet (so if you want, tell me your favorite color in your comment, too, and if you’re the winner of the second card wallet, I’ll see what I can do for you). Anyone can enter. I will ship internationally. I will announce to winner in a blog post on Friday, February 1.

Get to it! And good luck in all your attempts to be a winner.

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Handmade Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward (image found at Cotton Spice)I found this via Queenvanna’s blog, although it appears to have been making its way around the Internet for awhile in various forms. Basically, it’s based on the idea from that movie, Pay It Forward, where (Cotton Spice says it nicely), “acts or deeds of kindness are done without expecting something in return, just passing it on, with hope that the recipients of the acts of kindness” will continue to pass on their own acts of kindness.

If you are interested in how this meme has traveled, try googling “handmade pay it forward.” All sorts of participating blogs (too many for me to chronicle here) come up.

Now, the rules for the interation of the meme that I’ve signed up for:

I will send handmade gifts to the first three people who leave a comment and tell me they would like to participate. You must have your own blog and must continue to ‘pay it forward’ by promising the same thing to your readers. As for the particular handmade gifts, I don’t yet know what they will be. Hopefully you will be able to tell from browsing through this blog, my flickr, or my Etsy shop that I’ll make you something nice, whatever it is. (And who doesn’t love surprises?) Another level of surprise is that I don’t yet know exactly when I will send your handmade gift, but I do promise that I will send it to you within the next 365 days. Imagine, some day when you aren’t expecting anything special, a handmade present just for you will arrive at your doorstep. How nice!

To summarize:

– anyone with a blog can join.
– the first three people to leave a comment with a valid email address (I need to be able to contact you!) on this post will receive a handmade gift from me.
– I will send your gift within 365 days.
– in return, you have to pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog (whatever you want to make, no rules or limitations.)

Who wants to play?

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Modern Charm

Headband at Modern Charm

Mendy over at Modern Charm had a little blog contest a few weeks ago. For participating, she was offering to send out one of her headbands. Of course I participated. My headband arrived in the mail the other day (I love getting mail!) and it’s great. The photo pictured isn’t my headband (I haven’t had a chance to get a photo of it in action yet), but it is one of the lovely headbands currently available in the Modern Charm shop.

Modern Charm has a collection of truly charming headbands (wide and skinny), cosmetic bags, totes, and clutches. Mendy really seems to have a gift for choosing gorgeous fabric. She’s also paired each of her makeup bags with a skinny headband, which I think is a great idea. A skinny headband is the perfect way to pull your hair back while washing your face. Be sure to check out the shop, and the blog!