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They Can’t All Be Winners

This weekend I participated in a craft show at the Franciscan Recreation Complex, organized by the Peoria Park District. It was in the same location as the first Fancy Schmancy show last May, which is a lovely park with lush green grass and big old trees filled with allergens. I had the pleasure of sitting directly under one of these trees, and it dropped little presents on me all day.

Anodyne Design at the FRC Craft Show

Holy cow, I had no idea I could have such bad allergies. Thanks, Illinois. I never had allergies before I lived here. Unfortunately, I had a lot of time to think about my terrible allergies, because this craft fair currently holds the title for Least Attended Craft Show of 2010. To those of you who did come out, stop by my booth, or even buy something, thank you!

On the positive side of things, I met some great people, both shoppers and other vendors. In particular, I met the ladies of Garden Glitz, who were my booth neighbors. They were a pleasure to talk with, and their garden art truly does look lovely in sunshine. Not to mention the fact that they recycle old glass pieces into something beautiful, which speaks to my eco-conscious heart. I heard them mention that they will also make custom garden art with your own glass pieces, if you have something special that you don’t quite have a use for.

I also continued to work on my booth set up, and I think I hit upon a great use for the antique shutters I bought a couple weeks ago. I used them to support little “clotheslines,” which I used to pin up my clothespin magnets. It’s always been difficult for me to come up with an attractive way to display these, so I’m extra happy with this one.

Clothespin Magnets on Display

Next weekend will be filled with a much-anticipated visit with a friend, instead of a craft show. Although I won’t be there, a little bit of Anodyne Design will be at the Bloomington Farmers’ Market next Saturday, sharing space with Yellowdragonfly Designs. The next place you’ll be able to find me is at First Fridays in Galesburg, Illinois on Friday, June 4th, from 5-8 p.m. I hope to see you there!

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New Magnet Sets in the Shop

Tonight I added some new sets of button magnets to the Etsy shop. Each set contains five magnets covered with either matching or coordinating fabric. They’re cute and practical. These are the types of magnets I use in my own kitchen, so I know that they’re strong and will last. We tend to use magnets to hold up more than one thing at a time around here, and these ones are up to the challenge!

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Hello, August!

August started out with a semi-rainy Saturday down at the RiverFrontMarket, followed by a perfectly lovely (and dry!) Sunday at the Fancy Schmancy Flea Market, which is quickly becoming a regular event here in central Illinois. This weekend I had the opportunity to use my new banner on my tent, and I saw it attracting eyes and smiles. It really is a cute a banner.

I had to opportunity to meet someone I’ve emailed with who wanted a particular color of wristlet, and it looks like I was able to come up with something just perfect for her. Take note: If you want something specific, please ask! I love to make custom orders!

I have also started selling magnets over the past two weekends, and I’ve been surprised by how popular they are! (Although SciFi Man and my dear friend KT both said, “told you so!” Apparently, I am the last one on the magnet train.) I started out by making a few sets of fabric covered button magnets, like the ones I made for myself awhile ago, and then tried my hand at decoupaged clothespin magnets. I love the way pretty paper transforms a simple clothespin into something special.

Clothespin Magnets

What I love even more is the way pretty paper transforms mini clothespins into something special and tiny.

I think these little guys are just so adorable. And from the feedback I’ve gathered at the markets, I’m not the only one. The first day I debuted the mini clip magnets I sold out within two hours and there was almost a fight over the last package! Since then, I’ve taken care to bring a larger selection with me, so everyone can have a little mini magnet goodness.

Overall, a good start to August. I am hoping that the rest of the month is filled with more good things, for me and for you, too!

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Pretty Magnets

Button Magnets

I made up a batch of pretty magnets today. My fridge has been looking rather messy with its mish-mash of magnets, and I wanted to pretty it up. I did this with some fabric scraps from other projects and do-it-yourself covered buttons. You just cover the button and attach the magnet. And they turned out so nice! I found it so satisfying that I know I’m going to make more, so when the glue sets up on this batch, I think I’ll put them in the shop.

In other news, I finally received the sew-in fabric labels I ordered last month from Namemaker. They are black with white text that reads “Anodyne Design.” I can’t wait to put one in a purse. I think they’ll give my bags a nice, finished look. I also heard my business cards shipped yesterday, so I’m eagerly awaiting those. I love getting mail anyway, but I also love office supplies, so I’ll be pretty happy when they arrive.

Also, I was tagged by Lissa over at Bully Beads to share a few facts about myself. I think I’ll add them to my about me section, so feel free to check there if you want to know more about the woman behind the blog.