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Edge of Summer

Edge of Summer

This is a picture of my first Etsy purchase. It shipped on Monday, and I’m pretty excited about it arriving. I purchased it from Anti Genre, who has quite a few lovely things in her shop, several of which I’d like to purchase in the near future. This particular piece is called Edge of Summer Pendant (Vineland II), which I think is a perfectly fitting name. The pendant reminds me of being outside in the garden, and of watermelon. Mmm… nice things to be remembering!

Addendum 7/11/07: The pendant arrived at my mom’s house today. She was surprised, because she thought I was shopping for me. And I would happily own this pendant myself, but I’m more happy that it’s hers. I think she likes it. Who doesn’t like a surprise present in the mail?

3 thoughts on “Edge of Summer

  1. it’s very pretty… great purchase!

  2. I’m afraid it could be the beginning of a dangerous addiction! 🙂

  3. Very pretty indeed!!

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