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Slip Stitch

I don’t particularly enjoy hand sewing– I want results fast! — by today’s project called for hand sewing a lining to a zipper using a slip stitch. Not the fastest method, but it actually didn’t take as long as I anticipated. If you need to brush up on your slip stitching, Bob Vila surprisingly has a helpful tutorial. Not much text, but great images that (at least for me) clearly indicate what needs to be done.

Updated 2/14/13: Apparently Bob Vila is no longer interested in teaching us how to sew. No worries… Michelle Patterns has an excellent tutorial for how to slip stitch a seam closed.

Today’s project that necessitated the slip stitching is a gorgeous wristlet made out of the same olive green brocade that I used in the geisha bag for my friend. It closes with a zipper (which I think you need in a wristlet–otherwise it’s too easy for things to fall out) and is lined (thank you, slip stitch) in black. I really love how this little wristlet came out, especially since my main objective was simply to put the scraps from the other project to use, instead of waste. How do you put your scraps to good use?

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  1. Beautiful wristlet – and thanks for the link to the tutorial! I always dread hand sewing only due to lack of time – but that tute is really helpful.

    Also, welcome to the EtsyBloggers blog ring – I’ve received your request to join the ring and have activated your code.

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