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Someone Else Knows How to Spread the Love

So, I’ve been blogging about the generous bloggers who are giving away something this week to people who only have to leave a comment on their post. I feel like I should mention one of these bloggers who decided to give away something every single day this week (and you’ve still got time to enter her contests, which don’t end until Friday night.) And not just anything–she’s giving away some pretty nice gifts, especially this one. Not only is she giving away cool things, but it sounds like she’s giving away things she already owns but doesn’t need. So, it’s generosity and recycling. That’s pretty cool.

One thought on “Someone Else Knows How to Spread the Love

  1. Thanks for the link… 🙂

    And thanks for stopping by…. 🙂

    I’ve had a lot of fun with this this week and have met some really GREAT people!


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