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Wonderfully Snarky

Snarky includes in its meaning sarcastic and impertinent. And these items I’ve found on Etsy are both, and wonderfully so. I mentioned awhile ago the “suck it up cupcake” cards I’d found and loved. I found those by chance, and I started to wonder if there might be other, similar items available on Etsy for the sarcastically minded. Turns out, there are.

Introducing, Maybe You Should Die, offering “new ways to express your feelings.” They have it all: note cards for every occasion, mean bags (that was not a typo), and, well ok, that’s about it. But their note cards really do cover every occasion. I particularly love the “Adios Muchacho” for those going-away parties or painful break-ups, the Good Luck Rabbit card, and the Feel Better Soon card. Maybe You Should Die is definitely a good alternative to Hallmark. Plus, they can be your Myspace friend. Hallmark doesn’t do that.

If Maybe You Should Die doesn’t quite meet your greeting card needs, there’s Porridge Papers (motto: “this ain’t your grandma’s handmade paper”). In addition to the aforementioned “suck it up cupcake card,” there’s “hey there fancy pants” and “hell to the no!” These are some really lovely looking cards (even the non-snarky ones) on beautiful handmade paper with crisp, clear lettering. They got some very pretty notepads, stationery sets, and wall art in their Etsy shop, too. Porridge Papers has a blog, so check it out!

Also from Porridge Papers

While I couldn’t find any other Etsy shops with such a variety of snarky and sarcastic items, I did find a couple who stocked the occasionally snarky item, including Tick Tick…, who has Mean Cards, and Smack of Jellyfish, who has the Good Riddance Card (which she describes thusly: “But make it pretty when you say it. The inside is blank for you to explain your harsh words.”) Smack of Jellyfish also has some fun items that teach the proper names for groups of animals (my favorite: A Murder of Crows. I want to be in a murder–and not the killing kind.)

One of the many cards from Smack of Jellyfish

Finally, a way to express ourselves through attractive greeting cards without sugarcoating! Got any more handmade sarcastic finds? Share them with me.

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  1. Some great finds!

  2. Now these are cards for any occasion!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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