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Business Cards

My New Business CardsAfter having my second conversation with a stranger recently about Etsy (“What’s that?” “How do you spell it?”) and having to say again, “it’s like Betsy without the B,” I decided it was time to get business cards. This way, I can get the word out about Etsy and about my Etsy shop and blog, too.

I’ve been coveting some moo cards, but I’m going to wait on those a bit until my business becomes a little more profitable. Until then, there’s VistaPrint. VistPrint offers 250 full color business cards for free–you just have to pay about $5 in shipping. That’s a pretty good deal for business cards. While you can’t have a custom design on your cards for free (I’m sure you can if you’re willing to pay more than $0), they have about 50 designs to choose from, and there’s a lot of variety. That’s not a bad deal for the price. And I’ll be happy to finally stop spelling Etsy for new users.

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  1. Hello! I’ve also used Vista Print for biz cards and was really impressed at the quality of the color and the heft of the card stock.

    I’m so glad to have found your blog (from Tea Party Girl). I read your posts often on Teamail, but didn’t know you had a blog! I think you’ve commented at mine once before, and it’s very good to come full circle! Cheers!

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