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A Happy Accident

Teeth Fabric

Chance brought me to Hobby Lobby tonight. I had dinner with a friend who asked me to make a bag for his aunt. I was on my way to check out fabrics (his requirements? “Something dark.”) and missed the turn to my usual place. So I figured I’d check out Hobby Lobby, since it was on my way. I usually don’t go there first because the fabric selection isn’t that large, but it was a good thing I stopped today, because I found the cutest fabric ever. Adorable little teeth and clouds (don’t ask me why you’d pair the two) on a purple background. This fabric really stood out at Hobby Lobby. It’s not their usual sort of fabric, at least where I live. And it was on sale, too. What a happy accident that I ended up there today!

The fabric is a great lesson in maintaining good oral hygiene, too, as you can see some of the unhappy looking teeth are missing pieces. Normally, teeth creep me out. Ask anyone who knows me, I’ve got teeth issues. I paid an extra $400 to be unconscious when my wisdom teeth were removed because I couldn’t handle the thought of being aware of that process while it was happening. But for some reason I can’t quite explain, I just love these little guys! Now, what does one make with teeth fabric?

3 thoughts on “A Happy Accident

  1. Tooth Fairy pillows!

  2. Looks like dental hygenist scrubs to me. But then, I have a particular aversion to scrubs. I had to wear hot pink scrub pants to work twice a week for two years. When I finally quit that job, I used them as mulch in my flower bed.

    (Your ass will never look the same once you’ve seen it in hot pink, trust me.)

    Fabric is cute, though!

  3. I love that fabric!

    And I think they pair the teeth with the clouds because usually after any sort of dental treatment, you’re drugged enough to be in the clouds! 😉

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