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Compass Rose Handbag

Compass Rose Handbag
I’ve finished up another new purse. There’s so many things I want to make, I have a hard time sticking to old styles. So these new on is in a style I haven’t offered in my shop before. It’s a handbag sized tote, big enough to carry all you need plus some, but not overly huge. I think it turned out really nicely. The body and handles are made with twill cotton and the outside pockets (all six of them) and lining are a great blue fabric with a print that makes me think of a compass rose–combined with the blue, it’s rather nautical. Maybe a good bag to carry to the beach? It’s got a zippered top to keep things you want in and things you don’t want out. I’ll be adding it to the shop later today. I’ve got a bit of the blue fabric left, so I may put together a matching wallet next.

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  1. Love that bag! Looks very beachy!

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