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Starting Your Wishlist

Christmas Kitty

It’s still only August, but I’ve already heard talk of gearing up for Christmas, mostly in terms of Etsy shop owners building up their stock for the holiday buying season. I’ve recently come across a website that helps you to consolidate a wish list (like an Amazon wish list, or Etsy favorites) for anything you can find on the internet, so you aren’t just limited to one online store. This is a great way to keep track of things you’ve found and want to come back to or to help those people who insist you’re hard to shop for, but still want to give you a gift. It’s called Wists, which I assume is a clever combination of Wish Lists.

All you need to do is create a free account and put a Wists bookmark in your browser toolbar (which they explain here). Then when you see something you want to add to your list, you click the bookmark and select the picture on the page you want to show in your list. You can add tags and notes if you want. To see what your wist might look like, you can take a peek at the one I’ve set up. Happy shopping!

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  1. I *love* Wisting. I’m so glad I ran by your post because I totally forgot about my account. I’ll have to add it to my site. Would have come in handy for my birthday too! 🙂

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