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Button Jar

My Button Jar

My mom always had a button jar. It was a big glass jar full of all sorts of different buttons, and I used to love to look at all the buttons. And, for some reason, I always liked the way the jar smelled. Iā€™m not sure how to describe what a jar of buttons smells like, but it has a distinct smell. I know this because I have a button jar, too. And even though I have a far smaller number of buttons in it, it still has that button jar smell. Some happy combination of plastic, glass, and metal, I guess. Having a jar of buttons is like having a little piece of home.

6 thoughts on “Button Jar

  1. My mother had a button jar, as did hers… and you should see mine!! I think I finally excelled at something!

    Still, if for nothing else it’s always useful for card games at Christmas!!

    Sara x

  2. I remember my grandmother had a button tin (from those butter cookies). We used to make a game of trying to find matching buttons. (We were easily amused). Great memory. I need to find a tin for myself.

  3. My Mom kept all her’s in a green vinyl sewing box..I have it now and all those old buttons.The 70’s rocked when it came to funky buttons šŸ™‚

  4. I love reading about everyone’s button jars, boxes, and tins. I had no idea that other people had button memories, or that I would get to hear about them when I posted this. These little things mean a lot to me… keep them coming! šŸ™‚

  5. Ahhh. My grandma had the coolest button box. I am sure she still has it actually – just might have to pop over there and ask her about it.

  6. My mom had a button jar and I know what you are talking about with the smell…it’s an awesome smell!

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