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Labor Day Sales

For many Labor Day means a holiday from work. A free long weekend. But for the poor employees at JoAnn Fabrics, I think it means dealing with extra customers. I was one of those extra customers. Who was I to pass up a great Labor Day sale? I got a great deal on a few things I’ve been keeping an eye on for some time, and I brought my husband along so I wouldn’t get too many “great deals.” He’s responsible, and completely unimpressed with fabric, like that. So today I got an Olfa self-healing cutting mat I’ve been admiring and a Fiskars 45 mm rotary cutter, both for 50% off. I also picked up a some extra machine needles (because I break them like nobody’s business, it seems) for 60% off.

I love deals. Did you find any Labor Day deals this year?

2 thoughts on “Labor Day Sales

  1. OOOOh – I was so tempted to go to JoAnn’s yesterday, but I stayed away. I’m glad you got some good deals! I hardly buy anything unless it’s on sale – it’s just no fun! Congrats on your finds!

  2. Lucky that you have a Joann’s close.

    Your husband is better than mine. I have mine trained to look for things I like. So I always spend more money when I take him. He sees the things I’ve missed.

    I was a good girl and stayed home, away from the computer, so I didn’t spend anything.

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