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KeelyB: Art-Jewelry by Keely Beth

Blue Tree Pendant on Clear Glass

Let me introduce you to one of my new favorite Etsy shops: KeelyB. Keely makes “art-jewelry,” which turns out to mean beautiful little wearable pieces of art. Many of the designs in her shop are trees, which I love, because they are such a wonderful symbol of life and strength. She also has lovely batik fabric pendants and other designs. Making it extra-special, all the artwork is designed and created by Keely herself. She then places it between glass. One thing I really like about Keely’s pedants is that they are not too large. They tend to be about the size of a quarter, so you can see the art clearly, but it’s not a huge necklace. If you are on a limited budget, Keely also has some adorable pins of her artwork. I have one, and it really looks great pinned on my tote bag.

Sunset Branches Dreamscape PendantKeely contacted me about my card wallets not too long ago and we ended up arranging my first Etsy trade. A couple of her absolutely gorgeous pendants arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and I just love them (they are the pendants pictured in this post, and Keely took the pictures). If you visit her shop, you’ll notice that it’s full of lovely pendants. What you won’t know, though, is that they are even prettier in person! I don’t know why that is–her photography is great–but I expected to receive beautiful pendants, and I was surprised at just how very gorgeous they actually were. That’s definitely the right kind of surprise to have when shopping online. Keely writes in her shop announcement:

It is my goal as a jewelry designer to create pieces that make you feel special and beautiful when you put them on. A lot of my pendants have special meaning, and every single one of them is made with love and care, and I hope that as a customer you can feel that in my work.

At these things, she is successful. The love and care definitely show in the two pendants she sent me. Chia over at House of Stirfry recently wrote about the love that goes into handmade items. I think it applies well here. Keely clearly puts herself into her pendants, to her customers’ benefit. I get a smile on my face every time I look at them.

Be sure to check out her shop. Her pendants are definitely well-priced for what you’ll get, and if you can bear to part with them, they’d make a lovely gift for someone special. You can also visit Keely at her blog, KeelyB’s Ramblings.

4 thoughts on “KeelyB: Art-Jewelry by Keely Beth

  1. Beautful jewelry! Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  2. her pendants are so pretty!

  3. Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful entry about me and my work! I am so honored! It was wonderful trading with you : )

  4. Beautiful stuff.
    Great to see other Etsy sellers on here.

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