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You may have noticed that I added a flickr section to the left side bar. It pulls the 6 most recent photos I’ve posted to flickr. I’ve known flickr existed for some time, but never bothered to check it out. I finally got around to it (it’s amazing what you get around to doing when you’re supposed to be doing something else), and it’s become a little obsession. I didn’t realize you could join groups and post your photos to group photo pools. Even better, you can see everyone elses’ photos that have been posted to the pool. I’ve joined a bunch of crafty groups, and it’s clear that people are doing wonderful things out there. It makes me want to create more (which also, unfortunately, is on hiatus until I have less school work to do.)

Here are some of the cool things I’ve found through flickr (so far):

Are you on flickr? Will you be my flickr friend?

2 thoughts on “Flickr

  1. Oh, I came to this too late! I went to ‘friend’ you on flickr but flickr said you were no longer active. Sad face.
    I just started a flickr page and want a friend!

    Nice blog, by the way.

  2. Barb, you’re not too late! I had to start my flickr account over, and I’d love to be your flickr friend! My new account is here:

    I’ll update the link in this post, too. 🙂

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