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100 Hearts

100 Hearts

On Etsy, you can “heart” items you like. This will add the items to your favorites list (so you can come back and buy them later, or simply admire them while someone else snatches them up) and will add a little tile to the seller’s “Hearts Me” page. Even though not every heart becomes a sale, it does feel good to know that people are viewing your work and liking what they see. It’s a free self-esteem boost. I’ve noticed that it’s something of a milestone on Etsy to get 100 hearts, so I was pleased on Friday when my shop got it’s 100th heart. I took a screen shot to celebrate. Of course, as with many milestones, I’m already looking forward to the next milestone. I’ve also been making sales fairly regularly (although I am a long way from 100!), so perhaps I’ll look forward to my 20th sale next. Thank you to everyone who has hearted my shop, or a specific item (I treasure each one, and I check out each of your stores) or has purchased something from Anodyne Design. You’ve all made my day many times over.

What are your milestones on Etsy or elsewhere, and how do you celebrate them?

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  1. Tag, you’re it! See my blog for details:


  2. I love etsy hearts too! ( We celebrate every 100 hearts with a gift of a lip balm to every 100th hearter.

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