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“Everyone Needs A Little Metal In Their Life”: Timothy Adam Designs

Timothy Adam Designs Rivet Series Camera 2

This simple camera pendant is the work of Timothy Adam Designs. Although the camera is my favorite, the shop is “full of ideas that were put in to metal,” not all of which are cameras. There are a variety of clocks, wine bottle holders, earring trees, and one fancy throne. I’m really in love with all of it… I don’t know a thing about metalwork, but something about these pieces really appeals to me… the way a simple design can so clearly evoke a complex object, the roughness of the metal that gives each piece a worn, loved feel, and the sense that these are meant to be used.

The best things to me are the ones that can be put to regular use. Although I love sparkly, fancy things plenty, it’s hard to enjoy something so special that it has to be put away until a “special occasion” arises. These pendants feel like something I could wear and enjoy everyday. Even that throne, I think, I could sit in as I please (and it might be enough of a “special occasion” for me to haul out that tiara I keep in a box).

Be sure to check out the shop and Timothy Adam Designs blog. Tell me, what are your Etsy/handmade favorites?

2 thoughts on ““Everyone Needs A Little Metal In Their Life”: Timothy Adam Designs

  1. wow…thank you for the awesome feature. hearring what you think about my metal makes me want to create and weld right now… is so fun working with steel…when you can put a little grind here and a little rivet there and create a simple yet eye catching design who wouldn’t want to work with steel…thanks again!!!!!

  2. Wow! Great shop. Thanks for sharing it!

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