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Work In Progress

Fabric for Napkins

I started a couple projects over the weekend, and it felt good to get back to creating. First, I started to make up a Cozy Kitten pillow, using Amy Butler’s free pattern. I had some soft pink fabric that had been sitting around, waiting for its purpose, and it seemed perfect for this project. I haven’t finished yet, so I’ll let you know if it’s still perfect when I do.

I also bought materials for and started work on a set of cloth napkins. In my family, we’ve always hauled out the cloth napkins for very special occasions, maybe a couple times a year. Any other day we’ll use paper napkins, or worse, paper towels folded in half. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the impact my choices have on the planet. I’ve come to the conclusion that using up multiple paper towels every day just because I lack the fine motor skills necessary to maneuver a fork to my mouth without spilling all over myself is not a very good idea. Enter cloth napkins. I found some very soft ivory cotton, and some pretty fabrics in pink, brown, and green that will make lovely, reusable napkins. Since I plan to finish the edges with fancy bias tape, I also had to pick up I bias tape maker. I’ve been wanting one of those ever since I started playing with bias tape, anyway.

So, 2 projects started and 0 finished. I’ll keep you posted on my progress… Did you start any new projects this weekend?

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  1. The napkins you have planned sound lovely. What a pleasing combination of colors.

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