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Thank You

Thank You Cards by Chia

I received a package from Chia at Chia’s House of Stir Fry yesterday. It was the best kind of package, with all sorts of goodies. One was a great set of special Thank You cards, each one unique and designed with Anodyne Design in mind. They are the new cards I’ll be sending out with each Etsy order, and they are truly little works of art of their own. I keep trying to convince Chia she should open her own shop. I haven’t succeeded yet, but I know her cards will be loved, even if you have to buy something from Anodyne Design to get one.

4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I LOVE homemade stationery! This is a really special gift! 🙂

  2. I’m glad you like all the cards. Two of them were made by my friend, Arlynne. I’ll be sure to let her know that you enjoy them. Next time you come for a visit we will have to spend some time together in my studio. You might enjoy making some cards yourself. At the rate you are selling your card wallets I think you will be needing more cards 🙂

  3. Those cards are beautiful…I know your buyers will love them to so she might as well open an ETSY store because everyone will want some

  4. Well, I think the consensus is that you should set up shop, Chia.

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