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Soft and Cuddly

Yoda Modeling My Quilt

A few days ago, Yoda (named by my Star Wars-loving partner) was kind enough to model the quilt I made over the summer. I think he did an excellent job showing off its snuggly qualities. He also managed to show off his big feet and extra toes. I’m still really happy with how the quilt turned out, and I can’t wait until I have the time to try my hand at another one. I’ve got (ambitious) plans to make a one for a king sized bed with real quilting, instead of just tying it off. Like I said, ambitious.

3 thoughts on “Soft and Cuddly

  1. What a sweet kitty! And beautiful quilt! Just lovely!

  2. Thanks! The kitties are sweethearts, and have claimed the quilt for themselves. All the more reason to make a larger one for the people in this house. 🙂

  3. Awwwww……what a cutie. It’s his now; he’s claimed it. 🙂

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