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Big City Fabric Shops

Light Brights and Secret Garden Card Wallets

I got out of town this past weekend to spend some much-needed time with a good friend, good food, and all the fabric the city has to offer. Living in a small town, my fabric options are limited to the local Jo-Ann’s, a lovely but pricey quilt shop, and a Hobby Lobby with a small fabric section. I managed to find some fun new fabrics that I think will make cute card wallets and some wool for a coat I’m going to start working on for winter (I’m going to try to make the pink one, but in gray). I’m still searching for some insulated-type batting to make oven mitts with, though. I also got a few card wallets done this past weekend. Two of them went to new homes with friends in St. Louis, and the rest should be going into the shop sometime today.

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