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A Handmade Journal

Handmade Journal

Recently, I received this lovely handmade journal in the mail. I think I may have talked before about my love for things handmade. There’s something special about knowing that a real persons time, creativity, and love went into the object in my hands. This particular journal was customized for me, but also includes special little things the sender could not have known would make me happy, like the library card pasted into the front, the envelope full of “extras” attached to the back cover, and the ribbon bookmark. Each little detail makes the book more special.

Inside the Journal

Because it is a special journal, created with love, I have decided to keep it lovely. I am going to use it to record those things in my life, big and small, that bring me joy– wedding anniversaries, the smell of popcorn, an unexpected kind word. In that way, I will have a book that will always bring me pleasure, will help me to remember the things that truly matter, and will help me to be more mindful of the everyday pleasures that are so easily taken for granted.

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