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The Well-Stocked Kitchen: Serving Bowls

Ant’s Pottery: Large Stoneware Bowl

I have more kitchen stuff than anyone really needs. Especially someone who isn’t really gourmet or anything. I just love kitchen things–gadgets, appliances, dishes. Although, I don’t necessarily love all of my dishes. As I was washing a beautiful blue serving bowl my mother gave me (the perfect contrasting color for the lemons I keep in it), I thought about how I really didn’t have enough beautiful serving bowls, which I really think you need to have a complete kitchen. Enter Etsy’s ceramic artisans.

Ant’s Pottery: Autumn Landscape Platter

There are so many beautiful serving dishes on Etsy, I can’t possibly do them all justice here. But I do want to show you a few of my favorites. Ant’s Pottery has a large collection of beautiful pottery in vibrant, earthy colors (my favorite). Two in particular that caught my eye are the large stoneware bowl with handles (“Is it a platter? A shallow bowl? A serving dish? Yes!”) and the Autumn Landscape Platter. There are also all sorts of beautiful casserole dishes, candle holders, bowls, plates and mugs.

Phenix Pottery Casserole Dish

Some of my other favorites come from Phenix Pottery. In the shop right now, they have a pretty casserole dish (and I love casseroles, so casserole dishes have a special place in my heart) with a cute curly-cue handle on the lid. Phenix Pottery also has bowls, pie plates, pitchers, vases, jewelry, and sorts of other functional and beautiful stoneware.

There are so many wonderful pieces in both of these shops, I suggest you take a look for yourself.

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  1. I love serveware too! I especially love the idea of having lots of cool handmade serveware. These are great picks.

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