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Embroidery Stitches (A Book Recommendation)

The Complete Illustrated Stitch Encyclopedia

I’ve been getting interested in embroidery lately. Since I’m far away from any relatives who might be able to teach me about embroidery, I’ve had to rely on the local library. Fortunately, I came across this great book, The Complete Illustrated Stitch Encyclopedia, which has a comprehensive collection of stitches and very detailed illustrations and photos to teach you how to do each one. Once you’ve mastered the stitches, the book has a collection of projects that are easy to follow and allow you to try out all your new skills. And the projects are actually ones I want to do.

I love the clarity and thoroughness of this book enough that I’ve let SciFi Man know it would make a great Christmas gift. We’ll see if he got my very subtle hint, “You can buy this on Amazon to give me for Christmas.” (Of course, I give him these hints because I love him, and don’t want to him to struggle to think of what to give me when I can make it easy.) If you are interested in beginning embroidery, or all already familiar but want to learn more, this is a book worth checking out.

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