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Pressed Flower Paper & Lampshades

Homemade Lampshade

When I got married, my very creative mother helped me to make my invitations out of fancy paper that contained pressed flowers. All the flowers at my wedding were gerbera daisies, and while these flowers weren’t quite the same, they had the same bright, lovely colors and the basic daisy shape. The invitations turned out wonderfully, and we had paper leftover. My very creative mother used this extra paper to make a lampshade. Everytime I use this lamp, the light illuminates the beautiful flowers and reminds me of my wedding, and my mom. Did I mention that she’s very creative?

If you want to try your hand at your own homemade lampshade, I found this great tutorial on flickr. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s definitely on my “to do” list. And if you’d like to get that homemade look but don’t want to actually make it, check out the cool lampshades at When In Doubt Draw Flowers and Garnish. Garnish has lampshades made with hand screen printed fabric and the ones at When In Doubt Draw Flowers are made with vintage wallpaper. (And while you’re checking out the lampshades, be sure to look at the rest of their shops. There are a lot of cool things to be had in both.)

2 thoughts on “Pressed Flower Paper & Lampshades

  1. Fabulous! I must try it! That is just lovely!

  2. I can’t wait to try my hand at the flickr tutorial. Just need to find some pretty fabric. 🙂

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