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Marketing Research (or, Free Stuff from Stampin’ Up!)

Stampin’ Up Logo (borrowed from for a way to participate in marketing research? Probably not. Are you looking for a way to get quarterly free goodie boxes from Stampin’ Up? More likely. If you’re interested, you may want to try signing up for the Stampin’ Up Customer Panel, a “volunteer group of people who provide feedback on Stampin’ Up! in exchange for a generous free goodie box every 3 months.” Surveys should only take a few minutes every week or two. Stampin’ Up doesn’t guarantee that signing up will mean you’re on the panel. Because it’s marketing research, they are probably looking for specific sorts of panel members. But it doesn’t hurt to try! If you are interested, you can sign up here.

One thought on “Marketing Research (or, Free Stuff from Stampin’ Up!)

  1. Thank you – I’m a Stampin’ Up customer and hadn’t heard about this. Fun!

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