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Holiday Shopping Season

Moonlight Garden Card Wallet

With the official start of the holiday shopping season only days away, I’ve been hard at work making up new card wallets and wristlets for the shop. I’ve been working out a new design for the wristlets, and making coordinated wristlet/wallet sets. I’ve got a custom laptop bag I’m working on for a friend, too. All this creating has been fun, but has certainly cut into my blogging, and I’m sorry I disappeared for a few days.

How will you do your holiday shopping? Do you brave the crowds on Black Friday? Do you wait until the last minute to do your shopping? Or will you eschew crowded stores altogether and do your shopping online? I know Etsy will be a great place to do some shopping for handmade gifts. What other unique online shops will you be visiting? (Really, I want to know so I can check them out.)

I normally don’t go out on Black Friday (although I do love bargains!). I usually take my time finding gifts and do a bit of online and offline shopping. As part of family tradition, my father and I wait until Christmas Eve to go out and finish our shopping. It’s crazy, but it’s our thing, and it lets us have some quality father daughter time during the holidays. I know we both look forward to it. After our day of last minute shopping, we finish up with a nice dinner out. My mom, brother, and SciFi Man have been getting a little jealous of our ritual lately, and have been inviting themselves to after-shopping dinner. I can’t really blame them, though. This year, I am planning to go out to JoAnn Fabrics (the best fabric game in my town) on Friday. There’s going to be some good deals. Since I’m planning to make a lot of the gifts I give this year, it would be silly not to try to find a bargain. And after I make the long drive home in December, I know my Dad and I will be waiting until the last minute to finish our shopping together.

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  1. What a cool blog!
    I’m so glad to discover your Etsy shop too.
    Love your little bags!

  2. Thanks, Carol Emma!

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