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Black Friday Shopping at the Fabric Store

Fat Quarter Bundles

I stayed up too late last night. It was a stupid thing to do, and I’m not sure why I did it, but I did. I set my alarm for 6:30 this morning anyway, and it woke me up at 6:51. It’s nothing new for me to sleep through an alarm, but SciFi Man didn’t hear it go off at all. We must have been pretty tired after feasting on pot pie and homemade ice cream (which turned out wonderfully).

I got to the fabric store at 7:30 and it was already full of crazed women pawing through the flannels (at 99 cents a yard, it was a good deal. I still can’t figure out what they were going to do with so much flannel, though.) The awesome thing about the flannel sale, though, was that it kept everyone’s attention away from the quilter’s cotton, which is what I was after. I actually had some time to decide which fabrics I wanted, and good thing, because it took me awhile to match everything up. I got enough to make two queen size quilts (a Christmas present and a wedding gift) and probably a bit to spare. Everything I bought aside from two fat quarters was on sale, plus I had coupons, which satisfied the bargain hunter in me, and I bought so much fabric that they just left one of them on the bolt for me.

There was a long line to check out, but mostly everyone was nice and friendly. Except one snotty woman who stood behind me in line at the fabric counter and was apparently not content to simply eavesdrop on my conversation with the woman cutting my fabric. She had to add her commentary and snicker with her companion about how ridiculous I was to think I could make a quilt before Christmas. Too bad I won’t have an opportunity to let her know she’s wrong. I’ll share the finished product with you, though.

5 thoughts on “Black Friday Shopping at the Fabric Store

  1. good luck with the quilt – I bet they’re both fab! Can’t wait to see (I’m trying to beadweave some Christmas presents… I think I’ll run out of time lol!)

  2. I had so much fun fabric shopping too! I’m so not a morning person but I’ve gotten up at 5:45 and 7:00 the last two days woohoo! Have fun making those quilts.

  3. I just love handmade Christmas presents. It just means so much more, I think. I’ll keep you posted on the quilts…

  4. Yep, I did the flannel shopping. I do a lot of baby items in my other shop (, so I bought about 30 yards of flannel altogether. But I got there at about 11:45 and the sale was over at 12:00. Good thing someone was walking around initialing our flyers!!!

  5. I’m trying to get myself to put down the quilt I’m working on for myself to work on some presents. I’m having such fun though. You go and prove her wrong!

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