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Gift #1: A Quilted Handbag

Lavender Quilted Handbag

I’ve completed the first handmade gift on my list. My mother-in-law (who probably doesn’t even know this blog exists) will be the recipient of this lavender quilted handbag. SciFi man had the great idea that I should make her a bag for Christmas, at which point his work was finished and mine began.

Lavender Quilted Handbag Detail

I am really, really delighted with how this bag turned out. I think it may be the cutest bag I’ve made, and it’s certainly got the most “features:” a cell phone pocket, a zippered pocket, quilted exterior, magnetic snap, and useless but pretty eyelets and bows. It’s lavender because word on the street is that’s her favorite color. (I sure hope the word knows what it’s talking about.)

Lavender Quilted Handbag Pockets

What do you think of this bag? I’m so pleased with the way it turned out that I’m thinking of making a few (in different colors) for the shop. Do you think I should?

4 thoughts on “Gift #1: A Quilted Handbag

  1. I love your bag, it’s wonderful.

  2. i think it looks great – i’m sure your mother in-law will love it!

  3. Very cute. Too frilly for my own taste, but I’d bet those would sell. Nice job.

  4. Too frilly for you, KT? But I was so going to make you one of these! 😉 Just kidding.. It is pretty frilly. 😉

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