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Unofficial Tools to Enhance Your Etsy Experience

I’ve come across a few unofficial sites that are all about different aspects of Etsy and that can enhance your experience of Etsy in one way or another.


Spend much time on Etsy (particularly in the forums) and you’ll quickly learn that the search engine on Etsy (particularly the one that searches the forums) isn’t very good. I just stumbled across a great solution to the search problem on Etsy: Besty Search. This site, which is not affiliated with Etsy, uses Google tools to search Etsy in a variety of ways, including seller location, where a shop will ship to, and item descriptions. The page also has a forum search and provides links to the latest Etsy news.


Etsy Tools is another great resource that’s not actually affiliated with Etsy. You can find out who the Etsy top sellers are and get statistical data about listings and sales on Etsy.


The Unofficial Etsy News will help you keep up to date with what’s going on at Etsy. This site is comprehensive, and addresses a lot of things that come up in the forums, which can be difficult to track sometimes when you have a life. It’s nice to be able to go to UEN and know you aren’t missing out on news that just happened to be in a buried forum thread (which you would never be able to find, without Besty Search.)

4 thoughts on “Unofficial Tools to Enhance Your Etsy Experience

  1. wow this is informative. I’ve never heard of the Betsy search. Thanks!

  2. This is a great list to keep in mind! Thanks!

  3. good tips, thanks

  4. I’ve bookmarked the places you so kindly highlighted here. Thanks!

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