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Handmade Photo Journal

Handmade Photo Journal

I don’t normally do much with paper (besides doodle all over it), but last night I worked on a paper project. I put together my first book, a little journal. The covers are an 8 x 10 photograph that I cut in half, so the book is 5 x 8. The pages are a mix of different types of papers, which I thought was interesting and creative. SciFi Man just finds it puzzling. “How will you know where your graph paper is?” he asked, obviously pained. If I make a journal for him, I’ll be sure to keep it to a single type of paper, or at least group them into logical categories.

Photo Journal Detail: Emerson Quote

I used a lot of paper I just had lying around, and even a page from an old book. Some stationery and index cards found there way into the pages, too. I also printed out a few new pages with some of my favorite quotes on them. This would be a great project to recycle/re-purpose paper you find around your house. And who couldn’t use a personalized, handmade, eco-friendly journal?

I enjoyed putting the book together. It was easy and fun (although a pain to cut down all the papers to the right dimensions. I have added a fancy paper cutter to my wish list.) And now I’ve got all this fancy bookbinding glue, so I think I’ll make a few more.

5 thoughts on “Handmade Photo Journal

  1. Great idea! It’s always good to move yourself and try something different.

  2. Very neat! I’ve been wanting to try a project like this for a while, but alas, I just haven’t the time.

  3. Looks very nice, I’m impressed for not working with paper much it looks quite nice.

  4. Good blog. I got your blog from swap-bot Blog Love 2, I love all your handmade bags which u sell them at esty. Hope I could sew like u~~

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