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30 Sales! (A Thank You)

This past week, I reached 30 sales on Etsy. When I started all this back in May, I had no idea that I would being selling on Etsy. And when I start selling in June, I don’t think it ever really crossed my mind that I would sell 30 things. I know it’s not a very big amount, but for someone who just sort of stumbled into this hobby and business, 30 seems huge to me. I am amazed, and so grateful, that 30 people I don’t know have given me a chance. So, thank you buyers. And thank you to those of you who have left feedback for me and the others who may consider buying from Anodyne Design. Each new feedback just makes my day.  Thank you also to everyone who reads this blog. I love your comments, please keep them coming!

2 thoughts on “30 Sales! (A Thank You)

  1. That’s great! Congratulations. I love the colors you use.

  2. Congratulations to you! 30 items is a lot, given that you’ve made each one by hand!

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