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Custom Order Finished

Custom Laptop/Overnight Bag

I just finished a custom laptop/overnight bag for a friend. It’s nice and roomy, with a zippered inside pocket and a smaller, non-zippered inside pocket. The exterior has a large pocket across the front. The bag has handles and an adjustable strap, and just to make sure nothing falls out, the whole thing stays shut with velcro. I hope she likes it.

Custom Laptop/Overnight Bag Detail

We went shopping together to pick out the fabric, and I think she really chose some wonderfully matched colors and patterns. The lining of the bag is the cream fabric with small blue stars, which matches nicely with the blue body of the bag and multi-color blue and tan stripe. I really love when someone I live near asks me to make them a bag and we can pick the fabric out together. I’ve had the pleasure of doing this with a few friends, and I’m always so pleased with the colors and patterns they choose. So far, they have never been the ones I would have chosen but they always work together just right and they reflect something about the person who will be carrying that bag. What could be better?

One thought on “Custom Order Finished

  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I am going to take the pics you posted and use them to brag to all my friends about my custom bag! Plus, they’ll see it when I go home in a few weeks! I will make sure they know exactly where they got it!

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