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Creative Weekend Plans

The weekend is upon us! In what creative way will you spend this weekend? I plan to start mine with some delicious homemade pizza topped with basil, tomatoes, and slices of fresh mozzarella, a glass of wine, and an episode or two of Quantum Leap. (If you are a fan of Quantum Leap and Scott Bakula, check out this excellent song on YouTube.)

Scott Bakula

Alright, so this post was supposed to be about helping you get some inspirations to be crafty and creative this weekend, but I just went to YouTube to find the link to the Scott Bakula song, and I came across all these other great Scott Bakula clips. So what if this is a crafty blog? I need to stop for a moment and pay homage to Scott Bakula. My Quantum Leap watching buddy and I (we’re on Season 5 now, and sad about the impending end of the series) both have a special place in our hearts for that time when Scott Bakula sang Volare. (You’ll have to Google for a video…)

Ok, I realize most people don’t share my love of Quantum Leap and Scott Bakula. Even so, you have to give him kudos for doing his own singing (more singing here). I guess if your weekend plans don’t include watching Quantum Leap, you could try some of these crafty things instead:

Whether you try some of these suggestions or not, I’d like to hear what your creative plans are for this weekend! Even more, I’d love to hear that I’m not alone on this whole Scott Bakula/Quantum Leap thing.

5 thoughts on “Creative Weekend Plans

  1. I’m so glad that you took the break and shared this! It’s GREAT!

  2. It’s taco night at my house tonight.- a very creative meal. Then a weekend of filling orders, and baby showers. Maybe we’ll find time for cookies tho!

  3. Another Quantum Leap fan! Who knew? I’ve had a secret crush on Scott Bakula for years. So, although a Quantum Leap marathon is not on my weekend plans, I’ll be with you in spirit.

    Sitting Pretties, a must have cookie for Christmas that never got made are in my weekend plan along with finishing up a Snuggles charity project pet blanket I’ve been crocheting.

  4. Hello there! Sounds like you have wonderful plans for the weekend. I like Scott Bakula in his Star Trek role. He makes a great captain.
    As for my plans… None yet. It has been a LONG time since I have had nothing to do. LOL…

  5. Nup, you are definitely not alone. There’s something about Scott…..
    As for those cookies, huge and delicious – what more could you want? I’ll be trying out those babies.
    Creative plans include – deciding which combination of icecreams to try in a cone at our local icecream shop, a touch of knitting (even though its going to be about 32C today), and a bit of thrift shopping on the way to watch the husband play cricket.
    Have a good weekend!

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