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Bloggy Giveaways Carnival


Bloggy Giveaways is hosting another giveaway carnival. This is the third one I’ve known about, and I thought it was time I participate. If you have just stumbled across this blog via Bloggy Giveaways (or your own creative devices), welcome! If you are a regular reader of Anodyne Design, you may already know that from time to time I give away something handmade. (To see examples of the types of things I make, check my Etsy shop or Flickr.) Now seemed like as good a time as any to give away something else!

Before I get to the good stuff, there are some “rules” we have to take care of. This blog giveaway carnival thing always gets huge. And that means lots of people who want to be winners (and believe me, I totally get you) are flying through blogs leaving comments without ever actually reading more than a sentence on the blog (not you, though! You are clearly reading more than that!) I’m sorry, but the price of admission to this giveaway is that you at least read the rules.

So please, to be entered to win this giveaway, leave a comment on this post with:

  • a valid email or web address (you can’t win if I can’t contact you!)
  • a reason why you should be the winner

That’s it. The rules really aren’t so bad, are they? I’d love it if you stayed awhile and checked out the rest of Anodyne Design, or added it to your feed reader for later, but that’s completely optional.

Now, the good stuff. You’ll be entering to win a Modern Diamonds Card Wallet, handmade by me.

Modern Diamonds Card Wallet

The card wallet can hold all sorts of things–business cards, credit cards, ID, cash, small gifts, feminine products, and anything else no bigger than 3″ x 4.75″. The outside is corduroy, and it closes with a pretty pearl and silver snap. Pattern placement may vary a bit on the actual giveaway wallet.

The giveaway will run from 8:00 a.m. Monday, January 28th to 9:00 p.m. Thursday, January 31st. From the comments that followed the rules, I will select a winner based on the comment that most captured my attention (and I’m sure you can think of all sorts of ways to do that). A second winner will be selected with a random number generator, so you have two chances to win: pure luck (and following the rules) and a little bit of luck and a whole lot of interesting (and following the rules). The prize for the second winner will be an as-yet-to-be-selected card wallet (so if you want, tell me your favorite color in your comment, too, and if you’re the winner of the second card wallet, I’ll see what I can do for you). Anyone can enter. I will ship internationally. I will announce to winner in a blog post on Friday, February 1.

Get to it! And good luck in all your attempts to be a winner.

144 thoughts on “Bloggy Giveaways Carnival

  1. What? No comments yet?? I’m first?? Yay!

    I’ll start with my site addy: convo me 🙂
    Why do I want to be the winner? Well, who doesn’t love winning? Who doesn’t love winning something cool? I love your work and the fabric choices you make- so why wouldn’t I want one of your fabulous little wallets? You made it waaaaaay to simple for me to want to partake, so here I am! Plus, I adore little pearl snaps- they remind me of Western shirts and of simpler times. Finally, I just got new business cards, and they need a new home from the little plastic box I’ve been carting around for the last 2 years.
    Colors I like: everything of yours that I see on this page appeals to me- brown/ecru or the blue/green especially.

    Good luck with your giveaway!

  2. Oh could I use this for work cards!!! I don’t have a great place for them now, so I’m replacing the squished ones often…

    And I love red, black – and that cute brown one in your post.

  3. Your wallet would be perfect for my new business cards. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

  4. Wow – what a GREAT card wallet. I’d love to win that. You can find my contact information both at my etsy site or my website

    I should win your card wallet because I’m CONSTANTLY giving out my cards and tons of people would see how fabulous that wallet is and want one for themselves. I’d then have to direct them to your site so we can all have fabu card wallets. Also, aside from that, I’ve been reading your blog since Christmas and have had it linked to my blog as well as one I check up on daily (or almost daily). I would be the perfect one to receive this because I am going on and on and on about it 🙂

    Anyways, if I don’t win the one you pick and win a random generator one, then I love browns, pinks, charcoals, oranges and reds.

    You rock! 🙂

  5. I’d love to carry my business cards in this fab wallet. As I’m pulling out a business card, this wallet would be a conversation piece. 🙂

  6. I LOVE THIS!!!!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!! Please count me in !

    Because I REALLLLLLLY love that card case!!!

  7. I would LOVE, love this!! With my new little one I am constantly trying to quickly search my purse for all kinds of cards…including my business cards!! What great designs!!

  8. I should be the winner so I can have something to put my business cards in rather than leaving them in my office…..Thanks

  9. I LOVE this! Crossing my fingers!

  10. PS: I’m totally needing something to just stick in my back pocket for 99% of my trips out of the house. Plus, the brown color is divine! (sorry for the double comment!).

  11. I could totally use this for business cards!

  12. What is there NOT to like? You have quality merchandise, an eye for what works, good color selection, and you know what we need. I adore everything I see that you’ve made. What’s not to like? What an exquisite way to carry business cards. If you pick me, please send me an e-mail at I’m waiting to hear from you!

  13. Why I think I should win? Because I read through your short list of rules.

  14. I love the Bloggy Giveaway when we can find new blogs to read and add into Google Reader 🙂

    I would love to be the winner because I am an Etsy addict. I love surfing Etsy and seeing what talented people are out there . . . and of course to buy things. So glad I found your store.

    I really like blues and greens.

    Please feel free to stop by my giveaway.

  15. This would be great for my business cards!!!

  16. I love that wallet. Pink and brown are so cute. I should win because I am so not the crafty type and could never make anything that cute myself. I come from a line of crafty women who can make beautiful creations with 3 straws, glitter, and a glue gun and I’m the one who would end up with a straw glue gunned to my hair.

  17. Okay, first I have to say that you are SO talented (and I’m not even just saying that in the hopes that you’ll pick me).

    As for why I should win…because I am seriously one of those people who NEVER win anything! Seriously.

  18. Okay, first of all I adore the color Maroon.. so I love the Red Passion Batik card wallet, but all of them are very smart looking.

    ****There was a man who fell into an upholstery machine but he is fully recovered.******

  19. I love the one pictured in brown corduroy, but if I was chosen for the second one I would love to have it in the Red Passion Batik…it’s beautiful.

  20. Well, I’m not sure what would catch your attention, but I’ll just be me. I don’t have a job that requries business cards, but I think that is the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. I really like the pink one pictured, but I also like blues and that lime green type color. Thanks!!

  21. I love this card wallet. I really need one of these for all of the gift cards I’m going to win 🙂

    I’ve added you to my bloglines..look forward to seeing some more of your stuff.

  22. This is exactly what I need to keep my stuff together in my purse!

  23. Oh wow…your wallets are so cute! The Modern Diamonds card wallet is my favorite. I need to heart you. 🙂

    Why should I win? Hmmm…Because I’m a fellow Etsy-er and I’m a purse addict and I read the rules. =)

    My blog is listed but my Etsy shop is and you can convo me there.


  24. This would be great to help keep my stuff from mixing with my little ones things.

  25. Hi. Love the little card wallet. I would love to win that. Why???? Because this is my very first time doing a blog give away. And the wallet is so very cute. I need more cute stuff in my life. lol. I never win stuff, its would be fun to get something cute in the mail other than dull bills. Ok that is it. Fingers crossed and hopeing.

  26. That’s so cute. I think I’m fated to win this wallet, because I just noticed today that my current one is falling apart. Pleeeease? 🙂

  27. Wow! That wallet looks really nice! I think I should win this wallet because I’ve been through a lot in the past few months (read my blog if you’re interested) and I could sure use a pick-me-up right now 🙂

  28. Let’s take care of the easy answer first, shall we? My favourite colour is navy blue, though I do really love the card wallet that is pictured. As for why I should win? I am sure there are many other people who are more deserving than I am. I have no earth-shattering response, other than the fact that I really like it and would promise to make good use of it should I happen to win.

  29. While I don’t ahve cards, I have a small purse and would love to use this as a wallet. Yeah I know I’m not at all normal. Enter me in to win its adorable!

  30. That is so beautiful! I would get a lot of use out of it, and I really need something for my business cards. I love the pink, too (my favorite color).

  31. I should be the winner because chocolate brown and pink is my favorite color combination ever! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. I should win because I can never find my own stuff in the diaper bag. This would help me stay organized! Please enter me!

    My favorite color is blue.

  33. I just got some new Mommy cards- this would be perfect!

  34. I want to win because I just bought a new bag and a new wallet would be perfect:) I really love all colors!!

  35. My business cards would look so much nicer in this beauty instead of in a bulldog clip!

  36. I’d love a stylish way to keep my business cards from scattering around the bottom of my purse!

  37. Please include me in your contest, because my wallet is compeltly falling apart, and this is so beautiful!. Thank you for offering such a nice prize! 🙂

  38. Please include me in your contest, because my wallet is falling apart, and this is just so beautiful!. Thank you for offering such a nice prize! 🙂

  39. Sorry for leaving two, now three comments 😉 after I posted the first one it said error and to please type comment. So I did another one. Then I noticed that it showed up twice. SORRY!

  40. Nothing like making a girl work for a prize 🙂

    My wallet zipper broke this weekend…change flying everywhere…

    So I’d love to win this!!

  41. This is adorable. I’d use it as a wallet to replace mine that is quite worn. Thanks for the chance to win! I love handmade goodies.

  42. My favorite color for a card holder would be browns and dark turquoise. I deserve to win this because I always have a lot of things bouncing around in the bottom of my purse, and this little holder would be perfect for them!


  43. That is too cute!

  44. My email is on my blog.

    I would love to win so I’d be forced to make some new cards up…

    vines and grasses is my favorite. love the wristlets!

  45. I should win because I need a new wallet or something similarly useful, and yours are cute. And that’s all I’ve got, I am not feeling particularly clever right now. But I hope I have satisfied your requirements. 🙂

  46. Okay, I deserve that particular wallet because look at the cute pink and brown! PINK, I say! I have a house full of boys and just in case you didn’t know boys aren’t all that into pink so I could use a little of that in my life 😉

  47. My favorite color is pink! And I think that you are very talented, the wallets are fantastic. I so wish I could sew!! I think I should win because I just got a new purse for Christmas and every new purse needs a new wallet!!

  48. Ive used one similar but as good quality as yours in the past
    it was very helpful
    Id love to win this


  49. i love the one that is shown….my fave colors are pink and brown and it matches my pink and brown diaper bag. i could SO use this to put my credit card, id, etc in, inside of my diaper bag! my wallet is too bulky. i would love this!!! thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  50. I would absolutely love to win this. I use something very similar to this to hold my credit cards, and I’ve done it for years and years, but now mine is falling apart. I haven’t found a replacement that is nearly as pretty or unique-looking as this one. Hope I win!

  51. I could really use this for my cards that I carry to give out to moms of little one’s that I see. I give them cards for our Moms of Munchkins group.
    But, I have seven kids. I do. And they dig through my purse, you know, for money or candy or car keys, depending on the age of the kid. So, my neatly packed pocket gets messed up and the cards get dirtied, bent, or dropped. Then I do not look very fun to be around for a newbie.
    Please help me look like a normal person!

  52. I should win because I am new to this blogging thing, and have spent hours over the past few days checking out people’s blogs trying to figure out what makes a great blog, and to be inspired.

  53. Great prize! I should win because . . . I need one of these and it is so beautiful!


  54. I should win this because . . . I’m a sewer/quilter myself and appreciate all the hard work you put into it and it’s so cute that maybe it will inspire me to make one for someone too! And I love browns and pinks!

  55. I should win this giveaway because I really need a card holder – I think my cards are getting a little out of control at the present. I have cards from everywhere but with my present system of keeping them where I need them is definitely not working.

  56. Rata-pata-scata-fata – this is the Caribbean story I read to my two year old before bed tonight, about a daydreaming boy and these magical words that seem to make all his wishes come true when whispered three times and his no-nonsense mom that thinks he’s full of it, until the end when it works for her too! So I’m reading your post, dreaming about having a little something fun for my wallet, deciding to tell you this story as a reenactment of sorts to see if it really works!??!! Here goes…


    Are you feeling it? I’m feeling luck leaning my way =)


  57. I would love to hold receipts in there instead of letting them float around in the abyss of my purse. I should win, right??

  58. I need to win this so I’ll have a place to put all the cards taking up room in my wallet! I love brown and pink.

  59. I would love to win in a desperate effort to appear more chic. I ‘d love one in green. Great Giveaway! bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

  60. Ok, I should win because I have all kinds of gift cards (some from several years ago) with amounts like .30 cents and $6.97 rolling around in my purse. If I won this I could keep them all organized in once place and actually use them up. Plus its really cute and it kinda matches my purse!

  61. great contest! count me in!

    I need this for all the gift cards i’m going to win during this carnival! 🙂

  62. I’d like to win this for my wife,and her ever growing collection of credit cards.

  63. Oh, I read the rules, baby! I need to win this prize because my cards need a home–a cute home like this.

  64. a girl can never have enough wallets/purses!! My favorite color is pink.

  65. This wallet looks so great!!! Why should I be the winner??? Maybe b/c we downsized SOO much for me to stay at home with my daughter that I don’t GET to buy neat and pretty stuff for me. Even though it is worth ‘doing with out’ to be here with her…I do wish I could a few things to brighten mommies day! The brown and pink are so yummy together!!

  66. I love this. Thanks so much for the giveaway. My fave color is red.

  67. Oh, my favorite color is green but the one you have pictured is adorable! And I am a chronic card pocketer- I put them in my pockets and then lose them! This would be great since I need a place to keep them together!


  68. I would love to win because I have a ton of cards that I could use the wallet for, fav color is pink.
    Sounds Great
    Enter me please for the giveaway!

  69. I checked out your Etsy shop, and after much debate (yeah, with myself, I know) I think I like the pink and brown one in your post the best. 🙂 Though the Apples and Flowers was a close second.
    I just received a brand new purse for Christmas. Before I had one about the size of your wristlets–it was only big enough for my small wallet, keys, and cell phone. I didn’t need anything bigger because I always had a diaper bag with me, too. And I liked putting my purse inside the diaper bag so I had less pieces to carry.
    Now that my son is 2 and carries his own tiny backpack, it’s time for Momma to carry a bigger purse again. Now that Momma has a bigger purse again, Momma needs something inside for, *ahem*, feminine things, so they’re not just dumped in there carelessly. 🙂 One of these would be perfect! 🙂 Hope I win! 🙂

  70. You should pick me because I need something discreet for my feminine needs. Right now they are just in a ziplock baggie.

  71. Love to win!

  72. I love your card wallets!

    I should be carrying my business cards around with me, but I never do. I just haven’t found the right thing to put them in. Everything I find is so masculine. However this is perfect!

    My favorite color is pink.

  73. I would like to win because I have never won a contest ever and because the card wallet is so cute. I could definitely put it to good use. Furthermore, my favorite color is green and my blog is designed in green, so I should win for my skills at color coordination. Finally, I think my blog name is cool, so I should also be chosen as a winner for that factor. Thank you!

  74. I always carry business cards for me & hubby, but I can never find them in my purse, lol. I’d love to win this, it is so pretty!

  75. @@****PlEaSe PiCk Me!!!****@@

    FiRsT oF aLl I lOvE tHe CaRd HoLdEr, It’S tOtAlLy CuTe!! SeCoNd Of AlL yOu ShOuLd PiCk Me BeCaUsE i ReAd ThE rUlEs AnD mY cOmMeNt StAnDs OuT lOl. Oh AnD mY fAvOrItE cOlOr Is PiNk! ThAnKs!

  76. My business cards just came in and I really need a place to keep them. This stylish little wallet look like just the thing!

    Contact me at

  77. Please count me in! Why I should win???? I have for years used those plastic ones that don’t last very long. They break or get yucky, and then my cards get yucky! I then just put them in my purse and I get pen parks or they get bent. I have used plastic bags, but they look so cheap you know?! I have been looking for something nice and femanine, and well…me! My favorite colors: pink / brown.

  78. I could think of a ton of reasons why I should win this… but I am always browsing the web with a nursing baby in my lap. So you see, it is hard to think straight when I never get to sleep… which is why I need this. I leave my wallet everywhere! Thank goodness for car seats because I am always having to go back to where I was to get my wallet.

    This beautiful think you’ve created looks like it will fit right in my pocket so it will be harder to lose. And lord knows with diaper bags, pacifiers, blankets, teething rings, cell phones, and keys… I don’t need to make my life any harder than it already is.

    Please pick me!

  79. I should win this because I appreciate all handmade items. I love the colors. And the fact that my food store and drug stores cards are in a plastic bag in my purse and I need a pretty new place to put them.

  80. I could use something like this for my diaper bag! My fave color is purple.

  81. I could really use this for just slipping in a little money and my license when I run out with the kids to the park, instead of having to drag my entire purse with me! Thanks for the chance to win! mlciavola(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  82. WOW!!! YOU MADE THAT????
    Great Job!!!!!!!!!!
    Please enter me in the drawing.

  83. The wallet is lovely — so much nicer and more personal than anything I could pick up at the mall! Please enter me in the drawing.

  84. enter me please.
    I should win this because, my husband and I are trying to stop using our credit card. This would be a beautiful way to keep my credit card -as it is not being used!

  85. I am a winner! I am a winner! (Oh wait, you didn’t want to hear my morning affirmations? Okay. But you know, you could make it a self-fulfilling prophecy if you make me a winner of this lovely card case…. I’m just sayin’.)

    Your cases are so pretty! I just spent waaaay too much time browsing around here (I have a schedule! There are 600 giveaways to enter and only so much time left in the week!) but it was well-worth it. Thanks for doing this giveaway. 🙂

  86. I would love to win one of these to hold my business cards. Currently they are just floating around in my purse. My favorite color is Light Brights and Vines. Thanks.

  87. I love your wallets, and need something fashionable to haul around!


    Did that grab your attention?

    My favorite color is yellow 😉

  89. Cool! I was looking for something just the other day to put business cards in! I’m into that networking time before graduating from college and will be collecting a LoT of business cards!

  90. I can’t say that I deserve to win but I like Leaves and dots pattern.

    taowyn (at) gmail (dot) com

  91. Why I should win? Because I’m really, really cute and I love volcanoes.

    (Not that anyone said anything about volcanoes, but you said to get your attention. I really do love volcanoes, that’s what I got my degrees in before I became a stay-at-home-mommy. I even put my rock hammer into molten lava and pulled it out to “play” with. But I wouldn’t do that to such a pretty, adorable wallet–definitely not.)

    I’m guessing you’ll be able to read my email addy off the form, but just in case I’m lucky and win, it’s (naturally): volcano at gmail dot com.

  92. I’m a pooped first-time mommy of a non-sleeping 15 month old toddler. I don’t have ANYTHING clever to say. But I do think your card wallets are so cute!

  93. I wonder how well the wallet would would carry princess pixie snacks (gum as my sillies like to call them)
    I love pink

  94. I should win because some friends are upset that my latest excuse for not going out with them is that I can never find my ID.

    And because I’m “boldly friendly.” 😉

  95. having 3 small boys this would come in handy so everytime one of them had to go to the dr. or pharmacy i wouldnt have to search my purse or diaper bag for their insurance card and rx card
    plus i love that color.

  96. I love the cute brown one…..or I could always use black..who couldnt…..please count me in.

  97. It is adorable. It would be great to hold my business cards in. Very stylish.

  98. SO FREAKIN CUTE! You are quite talented!

    I should be the winner because, as the mother of 4 kids on one income, I don’t get to splurge on much for myself. Especially something as cute as this! So if you end up chosing me I would be ever so grateful, as would my purse 😀 And in case I am second, my fav color is PINK! Thanks so much for entering me!

  99. I must tell you that I have fallen head over heals in LOVE with your Card Wallet creations! The designs and fabric that you have chosen capture my attention. I can hear my purse now begging for her new companion and I would just love to very modestly pull your Card Wallet out of my humble purse and discreetly flash it under many envious eyes, they will not help but notice it!! He he :0)

    They really are to cute, and I really do want one!!

    Thanks for the chance to win one of your creations.

    JOYfully in Him,

    *Sorry, I tried a little to hard.

  100. Oooh, I am gonna get some Mommy cards. I could keep them in this! I like the night flowers one, too.

  101. What a beautiful card wallet! I really like it. My favorite one is the one you have featured – modern diamonds, though I think all of your products are beautiful! Why I should win… I feel bad answering this because I’m sure there are plenty of other ladies who are just as deserving as me. 🙂

  102. I need to win because I need a place to put those fabulous mommy crads I entered to win on another blog!

    mommycracked (at) gmail (dot)com

  103. I really need this beause it is REALLY embarassing when you get to the gas station, pump your gas, and can’t pay for it because you card is in your OTHER pants. Ask me how I know this. Really, ask, it’s not like I have any more pride left anyway…

  104. I deserve this because I am 35 weeks pregnant and need a little pick me up right now.

    Great contest!

  105. My business cards are loose in my diaper bag. lol

  106. Very cute, please enter me!

  107. Beautiful! I should win because the 5 year old wallet that I have is falling apart and actually drops my cards!! Really what good is it if it doesn’t keep track of my things.!!!

    Your stuff is gorgeous!!

  108. So perfect for business cards I want to keep for referring to small entrepreneur businesses I go to for gift shopping! Thanks! ( )

  109. Well, first, my favorite colors are red and pink (though probably not together). 🙂

    Second, I NEED a new card holder/wallet. I have a really great wallet, you see, but it’s much too big to even fit inside of the purse that came with my diaper bag. The diaper bag is from Rowdy, and I love it. It’s a splashy red mock-croc bag, and it has an attached purse. (This is great in itself, except that my darned wallet won’t fit into the bag.) So I need a new wallet to store my cards and cash in that will actually go into the purse. You see, you simply must pick me. 🙂

  110. A reason why I should be the winner? Hmm, I think everyone needs this just as much… as a stay at home mom, I’m hoping that I get just one piece of joy and beauty from this bloggy carnival, to brighten up my day and make me smile. 🙂 Thanks for the contest!

  111. thanks

  112. I love that, and I think I should win because I could really use it to keep my cards in to quickly grab and go. With a baby, I need anything that helps me do things faster!

  113. These are wonderful–I would love one of your handmade creations. Thank you for the giveaway!

  114. These are pretty cute.

  115. I’m pretty sure that I should win this because I have yet to find a suitable carrying-case for my *cough*feminine products*cough*, and I am forever digging them out of my plethora of purses, here a tampon, there a pad, a couple pantiliners over here, some little OB tampons huddling in the corners of another purse. It would be nice to corral them all in one place so I don’t have to pick off lint and crumbs from a pad before I use it.
    That said, I am a big fan of green, and I love brown as well. I am partial to blue/green combinations as well, but I like it all. 🙂

  116. Love pink and brown… I am craving small after two years with a diaper bag! Sounds great! Please count me in!

  117. i love these! the night flower is so cute……if i win the mommy cards i can put them in this awesome card wallet.

    thanks for the giveaway

  118. My favorite color is magenta and I should win because I’ve been on the lookout for something to hold my business cards, and this looks perfect!

  119. i



    I wOuLd LoVe To WiN bEcAuSe My WaLlEt Is LiTeRaLlY fAlLiNg ApArT! :0) I wOuLd LoVe AnY cOlOr, JuSt SoMeThInG tO HoLd My LiCeNsE aNd DeBiT cArD.



  120. I think I should be the winner because I read the rules.

    If I am the second winner, my favorite color is pink.

    Come check out my giveaway.

  121. I should win because… I read your whole post? 😀

    My fav color is pink! (and black :D)

    Thanks for the cute contest!! 🙂

  122. Please pick me I’ve just begun passing out buisness card, but really need a safe place to carry them so they do not have the contour of my wallet.

  123. Well this has to be the coolest thing Ive seen in the giveaways so far! I think I should win because…. well because I took the time to read the rules and..yeah I guess thats it! I never win anything so Im not going to hold my breath, but if I do win I would love one of these in brown/sky blue. Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  124. My favorite color is brown, and I just looove it mixed with pink. And that’s exactly how the wallet on the picture looks like.

    Why I should be winner? I shouldn’t! Only if I am lucky, I’ll be happy to win.
    Otherwise, I need a similar wallet because my different cards are all over my purse and handbags and I need them to be in one place.

    Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  125. Awesome giveaway. My favorite color is lavender. Thank you for the giveaway and please enter me!

  126. Why I should win? Hmm… because I think it is really cute!!!! I love how it is a darker fabric on the outside because everything gets dirty in my purse! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  127. This is great. Count me in.

  128. Great giveaway! Id love to have it!

  129. I should win because my husband needs a business card holder so he won’t keep pulling them out of his wallet. His cards get kinda bent and it’s not very professional looking by pulling them out of his wallet.


  131. I’m a missionary wife and mother in Costa Rica. This would be wonderful for my “business” card about the free craft classes I teach to women in extreme poverty and domestic violence situations.
    Thanks and please count me in

  132. I’d so love to win because these have sassitude (which is so me) and I’d love to use them for mommy cards which of course leads to me telling these mamas where I got the adorable card holder which hopefully leads them back to you. How’s that for a run on sentence of epic proportions? 🙂 Oh and I love red. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  133. I’d love to have this to put my misc cards in – like my debit card and such!! 🙂 I could actually FIND it (them) – in the midst of (clean) diapers, wipes, baby snacks, toys – and whatever else lurks in my purse/diaper bag!! My fav color is lavender/purple! Thanks!

  134. I would love to win because I have never had anything cute to carry my business cards in. This would be really nice for holding all my cards. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  135. I would love to win because I need a wallet just to carry mom things. My favorite color is yellow.

  136. I would love to win this – I am constantly pulling out certain cards to stick in my pocket so I don’t have to worry about chasing around my daughter with a purse. If I could just pull this little beauty out that would be great.

  137. I should be the winner because I love your stuff and could really use a new wallet. Please add me 🙂

  138. That is really stunning – I love your work!

  139. I think I should win because I would definitely use the bag. It’s adorable and very useful! I could use it for my coupons when I go shopping. I could use it to carry cash if I’m running errands. I could use it for business cards. I could give it to one of my daughters who I’m sure could find even more uses for it! Great prize. Thanks for letting me enter! jlazztoo at yahoo dot com

  140. Could I ever use that card wallet b/c I have soo0o many cards that they all don’t fit into my wallet. What a lovely idea for a craft.

  141. I love that! COunt me in!

  142. My cards tend to be scattered all of my purse, this would be great to have somewhere to keep them!!

  143. Count me in please!

  144. Okay, so seriously…’s two minutes away from the end of your giveaway. So, I gotta act fast.

    I love love LOVE the pink and brown – my favorite colors.

    And, I could put my mommy cards in there. It would be perfect. One minute left. Pick me. 🙂

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