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A Present for Myself

Gum Drop Pillows (image borrowed from

I finally went shopping with a gift card my brother-in-law gave me for Christmas. I love gift cards because they let me feel like I can buy things I want, but would probably never buy for myself because I don’t “need” them. One of my favorite kinds of gift is the kind you want, but don’t need… a little indulgence. Gift cards always fall into this category for me.

So what did I buy? Two Amy Butler sewing patterns: Gum Drop Pillows and the Weekender Travel Bag. I had been thinking about the pillows for awhile, but the bag simply caught my eye while I was putting the pillow pattern in my shopping cart. I don’t really have a decent bag for travelling, not a pretty one anyway, and this one looks like it will do a lovely job. Oh, and the pillows? Scifi Man and I are moving this summer, and I can’t wait to make them part of the new decor.

Although I often admire Amy Butler patterns and fabrics, they tend to fall out of my budget. I’m the kind of girl who gets excited about $1.99 pattern sales at Jo-Ann fabrics, and they just don’t carry something as cool as Amy Butler, so these patterns are a special treat. I’ll have to let my brother-in-law know what a good job he did.

So, tell me, how do you spend a gift card? And if you sew, and use patterns, do you have any favorites?

6 thoughts on “A Present for Myself

  1. Love the shape of these…

  2. ooooh! great patterns and I’d say ‘gift card well-spent’!
    I hope you will share pictures when you make these.

  3. I will definitely share pictures. I can’t wait to get my hands on the patterns… I ordered them online, and they are supposed to arrive today!

  4. I don’t sew, but those gum drop pillows look really fun! Enjoy your new patterns!

  5. Nice treat. Keep us posted on your progress!

  6. Those look like awesome pillows.

    I asked for gift cards or cash for Christmas, and received cash. Spent half of it this weekend on sale items at Kohls. I love gift cards!

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